The State of Denmark

Welcome to my story about the state of Denmark. My name is Jens H Mortensen and as the folkwise concept know by cultural inheritance the name Jens is quite danish. The soldiers of Denmark are for instance called danish Jens’. I guess that cultural concept of the danish Jenses derives from a soldier-song back from an old battle – its very simular to the more wellknown english song: Its a long way to Tipperary. Its a march-song and tells the story about love and war aswell: When he left for war, his girl wanted to go with him, la, la, la... The name of the danish song is: The brave country-soldier!

You will also find the concept of Jens or to be a Jens used in litterature such as for instance the american comics of soldiers, Beetle Bailey by Mort Walker. The lazy guy at first attending university and latter on called to join all the others soldiers in the nonsense of military camps. His name in danish is Jens Fup, where fup means, what private Bailey tends to do: Enjoying life trying to avoid work in the line of duty, cheating and always walking over where the fence is low. To those of you, who know the comic in question he does so not always succesfully, not to mention the others who get caught up by his laid back style of - not-doings. I guess he is good for avoiding things which doesn’t seem to work anyway.

We also got the concept of Jens in another folksong, in another sense of the folkwit. A wellknown one is Jens the Roadman, road also meaning way aswell as pronounced that way, vej. Jens the Wayman, it says. In this old song Jens is a workingman forming the brick-stones for the road with his hammer. He sits behind his screen, the cover from the bad weather making his bread out of hard stones. The song ends with the evaluation, that when he died he got a cross of rotton wood on his grave and not even a stone.

And Flash Gordon, another figure of the comics. In danish he is called: Jens Lyn, “lyn” being the danish word for flashlight, its there and then its gone. On those terms making me a Gordon in the english-speaking countries one could say.


Forgive me for telling you these trivial things to introduce myself. I first and foremost think its important to introduce oneself in some way and indeed when one wants to give an impression of such a big term of circumstance as The State of Denmark.

On the other hand I was going to say, that such-like folkwits about the concept of Jens become part of who you are, when your name is Jens born and bred in the country of Denmark. Jens in the line of duty, Jens the workingman, Jens the flashlight, Jens the sweet one to the girls, the friends friend and so on... - To me basicly being fond of life, standing by the name I’ve got I feel exstra ordinary danish from time to time. Its not due to the comics as such, but the enviroment of the pictures of word in the folkwit. Life valuate in many ways on its enviromental circumstances and only sometimes by openhearted expression. The folkwit is so to speak a layer of spirit telling us how life in Denmark react upon the happenings in the world, how we cope with the shit of modern living, the european history and its somewhat brutal repititions of an endless stream of good ideas, we all are supposed to feel obliged to take into consideration. To some I might even sound to be nationalisticly inclined, but I feel very different about that and partly due to the use of “my” sweet name in other aspects as shown by way of examples. Jens is very danish, danish as a danish pear, hard turning soft enough to eat and get the sour-sweet juice out of, then to throw away again back to the recycling of mother nature by fathers hand.

I’m also baptised in the common church of christianity with the name Jens. Another thing concerning that fact of my parents choosing a name for me is, that both of my grandfathers also got the name Jens. In effect that leads to another close-related issue to line up, I think, the one of following somebody by inheritance in flesh and blood. Breed. I think its a very traditional way of connecting ones spirit to the family, the relatives it belongs to. The son-name aswell tell the story of placement by breed, my fathers name is Martin and his granddad was also named Martin – therefrom the more idiomatic Mortensen derive. In memorial mortus!!! Anyway names easily come to play a part in ones preliminary understanding of what one is dealing with by being within the heading of a name. You basicly got a name in order to respond to calls in living by the name of God, that means life in common sense of being totally unique aswell thereby among people next to you in a sometimes awful mixture of thaaat, I guess. I love people as I love man!

First of all your calls in living are mediated by your parents, whom of which by the mercy of God have given you a life. And latter on one might say it can also become too connected with the written word in terms of seeing, who’s in question. I’m not the only one by the name, Jens, but surely I know that I am the only one as I am. You can’t distinguish such matters of seeing and hearing without having honest faith, thereby recognizing what the call of your life is, what it means. Its not a problem though as far as your voice aswell as the voices, whom of which called you by name in the first place are spoken out of personal life of man by body of it. I instinctly recognize the voices I have heard many times in my life and look up, when somebody else is mentioning my name. It’s a different attitude of awareness and also a little story about, what has been annoying man ever since he started out to make pictures and signs of himself. Not to mention these days of culture dealing with your name in terms of information and register-systems connected to law, thereby close enough making one responsible to things one might not even have anything to do with. - Therefor the voice and voice of hearing connected as it is to the body you are is important. Personal voices taught or at least told you something, so now your heart tells you how to take advantage of that in common faith of your way to live your life within mankind on earth, I’d say.

Anyway. Due to what I have said now one might think, that Jensen is the most common last-name. Its not anymore, at least not in the sense of quantity. Now its Pedersen I’ve spotted having made a little research on an internet-site of a word-clever girl by that name. Pedersen is deriving from the colleric man of the disciples of Jesus Christ, Peter/Peder. In fact this is also why the famous figure of Walt Disney became Donald Duck here in Denmark and not the nosy Mickey Mouse. Donald Duck is afterall more robust in his colleric quacks than righteous. In danish his name is by the way: Anders Duck, so now Donald Duck is the president of Nato, which in my view, in my expression of it means, that you also should read him as such. Simply because that’s how we do it, when power and the minds of “fatherless” sons are in question – yes, please wait a second though, because you cannot see the doings of the fatherhood by rational mind or policy.


Ok, I say some more about my sense of Anders F. - and a bit about the situation of the world he might have been dealing with aswell in some of the ways of understanding I give expression to. From my perspective of it that still is of course. And I’ll do so before moving on to being more descriptive about the State of Denmark, the Danish Kingdom and danish spirit of common living due to that. My wish is most of all to give an expression of the impressions I got by being a common man growing up, finding my life dealing with the course of our lives within society through good and worse. I shall also say, that some of the harsh critics and comments I might repeat aswell in these comprehensive matters first and foremost are to be seen from the perspective I dearly nourish and also give expression to in the wish of common confirmation. Considering this media of writing expressing itself by way of black and white tones my message is not by ear-hear of it so to speak.

With Anders Fogh-wind Rapmusic you will behind the surface of the somewhat stupied games and language of power and policy find a quite common and loverable man, though with a long carriere in the enviroment of policy and not only ministeral goverence. He is very much a synthesis of the danish folk-parliament, how it works or in fact never have been working to the satisfaction of evolving sustainable living in broad terms of spirit in life. Nevertheless I say so as he has put his life into it, yes, but I mean it tells something about how much attention the little democrazy of Denmark have demanded in order to survive the old thick, ancient aswell as academic spirit of the state.

Lately, in my time of living the democrazy have had its breakdowns, but mostly due to new acknowledgements or you could say adjustments of expectations towards what it can do or not do. The picture of power in society have changed all over the world in accordance with many different cultural movements founded in the past in cross-cultural ways, also wars, thereby giving rise to what we call globalization. We know more about each other now than we did in earlier days. And we sense more or less involunteerly more about how we are connected all around the world, which also gives us new perspectives in concern of how we live, how our societies grow and the like. And to some degree that has changed the ways with our little democrazy here in Denmark aswell.

When I was a child, though I still am in another sense of it, the politicians also represented interests on the market of work, farming, education and industry, so in other words policy has become a trade, a way of making ones living. Most of all I guess one could say, that politicians represent the matters of speaking, giving sound of voice to the conflicts that arise in society aswell as thereby more or less reveeling how we progress or where the limits are to be found in matters of progression: The admittance of the word and the wishes of worth to pay attention to thereby.

I mean it has become much more clear that politicians don’t represent anything, though they play a central role in mediating. I say: to a quite important degree they are taking the heat out of hardening conflicts arising in society aswell as sometimes channeling the pressure of mechanisms between man and system/the world by giving it a respond, sending a signal. What’s heard might be just enough for the ones feeling overheard or sacked not to grow on in such depressing, blindly obeying ways. And to repeat and confirm what I’m saying, policy is of course not a matter of obeidience inspite of the fact, that to some it might be in the circumstance of fear of punishment by the blinded people all the way down the systems, who basicly live on law. - Come on, punish me fucking old ancient authorities of sadism, if your dare mess with the truth of your own heart and spirit in manchild, your children aswell! Otherwise as a common man I recommend you to keep quiet and listen.

In his way AFR have tried not only to make his policy, but to make our little democrazy work inspite of its conflict with the state-system of Denmark and again I guess one also ought to repeat the new circumstances of globalization. Life is before the system, that means always before aswell as in front of the system – and that is one of his memorable statements aswell as a working-thread for him, I guess. In fact its also one you can find in the layer of the german philosophers around the year of 1800, the 19th century which generally gave rise to many new state-constitutions in the european western world. That life is before the system in other words simply means, that a system of goverence, political or not can’t tell you what to do as personal life of mankind.

In effect he thereby also declined the somewhat huge illusoric expectation of the state-symbolized, somewhat idealisticly folk-schooled people, that of expecting the government or politicians to change all the bad things in living society. Leaders can’t heal all the bad wounds a society may endure by making laws or by following the cultural, cultivating consequences of them – which in my view also mean, that people have to learn how to cross the laws by faithful hearing and to some degree by acknowledging, what the sight of goal in making changes that way is. At least instead of being blinded by them and the symbolism of power, which is not there when it comes down to your life of wellbeing by common heart of it. To be more specific in terms of how it is: The instrumental hierachies of law, the police for instance has to be very much aware of what they signal – to deal with the dreadful goddess of punishment, Justitsia that is, you need faith in common man in the name of God, whom of which basicly wants all of us, that is mankind to prosper from his creation. And his creation is organic aswell as organicly alive, specifically concerning our living mankind aswell! There is plenty of room for us in His mercyful ways of being, wonderstanding and sensing by having faith and letting us prosper from it in work as in common living.

It’s not the laws or the systems of them that are important, but the wish for good behavoir they might express, in fact were supposed to express by giving durable advice in concern of common living in general, that is nourishing the same faithful living worth of life. Laws are not to be kept in blinding ways, thereby cultivating blinded ways. Law has this ackward thing going on within the concept and system of it, that it doesn’t necessarily concern your business or life, though it might leave exactly that impression. In fact law can never ever really tell you exactly what to do. The last mentioned sentence here might also turn into a matter of punishment in the socialisticly inclined population of state-citizens, because laws followed by many people might wanna tell you what to do and punish you if you don’t. Even when they have no descent right, that is simply no personal authority by heart to do so in the name of God, faithful living. In old Europe people living by old authorities tend to forget, what the authority in life is and has to be: The heart of man in his faithful strive to make an honest living. And nothing else at all.

So I’d also say that his doings, these conflicts mentioned which AFR also have been dealing with – it also tells the story about, what political states do wrong aswell: At first creating a leadership in terms of confidence fore then to dismiss it by leaving the bridges behind, not giving the respond to the attention paid by many people. And thanks might not be enough, when using ideological and idealistic force within the flesh of man to reach ones goals by the backup of others is the question. Politics is a dangerous thing to life of man. I say: Political systems tends to dump people, because policy is not the heart-core spirit of language and sense nor the way of dealing with man in mankindly ways on broad terms aswell as the nearby ones, loving the man next to you. You don’t learn to hear or sense life to follow or life to come in terms of policy and noisy political societies.

In other words the complete state-system of Denmark has lost its confidence in heart of man, but cannot or haven’t acknowledged it due to so many people living on and depending on an income over the taxes. The system and its technocrazy is a culture arising by people living that way. In effect the truth so to speak roll over generations of man by heart of him, that is children aswell as the ruling out comfortable upbringing depending on to some degree knowing what to count on, believe in not to make a confusing mess out of children and life to come as such. Or everything else for that matter of fact. In many ways it also simply have been ruling out the honesty of following up on all the loose threads the systematical leadership by stupied law leaves behind. A people, that is man can not put up with constitutional leaderships like that in the long term of culture and cultivation, that’s for sure aswell as the trouble we are still dealing with all the way around the globe, I think. Law turns basicly into law-religion making a hell out of telling the simple new truths of man by the honest personal heart of it – in the name of Life, God that is of course.

Anyway, speaking from the cultural enviroment of Denmark you could say he tried to dissolve the very funtionalistic, rationally blinding ways of administration by which the state-system of Denmark had turned into. And had turned people into in ways of behavoir constantly, partly forcing them to follow rules of conduct leading nowhere and on the other hand claiming their rights, where no rights were to be found. Man fighting for his rights does not tell us that everything is ok or is as it should be, no, because it tells the story of man being crossed or overheard in the first place, whatever the reason may have been. Its an old and bad cultural inheritance to expect rights to make everything right. Rights can’t heal or teach us how to stay faithfully put in growing living life so to speak.

Aswell you can say AFR, that is the liberal-conservative parties he belongs to in political matters did, what they did in the circumstances of all the EU-shit, which main-reason not to forget grew out of the dreadful second world war, considering questions of security and peace inbetween countries and peoples of Europe. The policy of anxiety I call it, which of course has been the overall nightmare of people growing up in the shadows of war and latter on the cold war. The prospects of growing up in a society, feeling responsible for ones way of living in terms of how society evolve thereby has been quite dark, when one realize, that the thing of politics in the western world seem to be following an old book of too wellknown rationals repeating itself. Though not entirely repeating itself the same way, if one hear it out by body of us. I guess that also has to be recognized.

Nevertheless in Denmark for instance old books of economy have taught leaders how to govern society by way of money, taxes, tarifs and interests doing the same and the same and the same in ways of boosts in different directions. In Denmark the main strategy of making policy is a matter of equality, levelling rich and poor out, so the social-economical differences don’t become to hard to live in prospects of or you could say the main thing to focus on!!!!!!!!!!! - I was going to call it the boring strategy of Robin Hood though. And boring so far as modern society isn’t divided into rich and poor people as such Robin Hood manners suggest, no its much more divided into an analytical hell of nonsense creativity following the bad cultivation of money aswell as law. And today most often in much more than two different directions. The good people are so to speak no longer living in woods fighting the bad people in their castles.

In effect the most analytical minded people to some degree become the rich, because they can take advantage of the hell of unfaithful culture without leaving that impression. That is apart from the old seeing people, those who somewhat involuntarily see, hear and understand by spirit at heart and in that way still are trying to speak for ways of living by the solid common honest truths in joy by simply being. And nomatter what they do and are working with. - I don’t believe in speaking that much, but when analytical minds forget the ears at heart in common man, common living, common spirit of reasoning, then... Seeing as such, yes and inspite of who or what position, status and the like people find their self-righteous highass involved with from time to time. To envy a Queen for living in a castle is one of the most stupied things man can do aswell as the other way around its stupied for a Queen to envy the ways of living common people have to deal with – because both, that is we are all bound by completely common ways of man by heart of God, life that is. In other words there is many cultural differences to recognize, not to get too tempted by for instance - but surely we can’t do that without having faith in natural life by heart and body of it.

None of us got to choose our parents and breed by flesh and blood so to speak, though we might anyway to a very important degree for all of us nourish matters of cultural breed, ways of cultivation to lead us by letting the spirit at honest hearts of man come foreward in order for us to grow in properous ways in general. And those without parents still got parents in the sense, that their honest faith of love nomatter why they didn’t make it is already within your blood – it might not come foreward to nourish you without you having faith in life as such though: The fact of you being and having a heartbeat to live on. Stay faithful and honest, then you’ll see.

Capitalism, but much more I think the academic analytical sense trying to control it and taking advantage of it - in fifty ways to leave your lover for the reasoning of legitimacy and stupid justice! - thereby has in many ways dissolved any sustainable values whatsoever, that is especially the common ones some of us still know by flesh and blood of life and feel by heart of it. For instance its still said that politics and religion are to be dealt with on different terms, not to be mixed up with one another. AFR has been striving for that statement aswell due to a devastating failure in terms of the task, which the institutions of education were meant to lift in order to make enligthening democratic society work. At least to some degree one can say, that the danish people never really got a sustainable understanding of life, that were able to live aswell as lift the task of a democratic society without falling back into old state-idealism, systems of law hardening man up and leaving some behind. The books of the constitution are still there, that is the laws, though the sight of how and what they are supposed to nourish within our living – that’s gone in many of the subcultures in the danish society. Unfortunately also the official ones, especially the academic ones. Stupied rationalism took over due to the academic and political tradition being one and the same, a fucking ancient aswell as idealistic one not adequately enough representing the common man and way of living by blood of him in danish so to speak.

By the statement in question, keeping religion and politics apart from one another – and for many good reasons aswell, though not the ones in line with our breed as freely christianized people and the sight of our evolvement in mankind. Nor in line with what the constitution of the state explicitly wished for, for that matter of fact. But that way he also made a cleft in his own party or the cultural history that bred it. Its a good thing he got the conservatives by his side to keep him down in such matters. ‘Cause okey-dokey, lets do that then, I say: Lets deal with the true values of life in all eternity in matters of the flesh and blood of us as man in mankind and on the other hand values blowing in the wind of political or too capitalisticly, that is mathematical minded people using inhonest power of law-systems, technocratic systems to have it their own way, their own well-established will in the whole wide fucking world. I say so as if the will were to be recognized as an absolute freedom of choice, not to mention that I don’t acknowledge it as the most important spiritual ability man has got. Anyway are you in for competition, ok so be it, which party, what/whose side are you on: The one of honest spirits of Life or the one of spirits flying around in the world leading nowhere?

Are you ready little fucked up boys and girls of the political-academic-economical-capitalistic western world, are you ready to realize your own actions of roman cultivation by institutional ways of living? Are you ready to realize what you are cultivating in the hearts of newborn children by your way of living not recognizing the truely honest values of life, but making your own self-righteous ones? Come on poor bastards by breed of justitsial culture by force of law and power, which we all are to deal with in order to come home! Come on! - Is it to be punishable not to speak the truth in the name of Highcourt of Life aswell as it is not to be living that way all the way? Come on people made out of gold and homosexual platonic love in the myth of psyche! Come on bastards of no honest faith in life for man to evolve! Or what?

Another example of how old books taught many leaders is the thinking of security falling back to old honours of military and strategy, secret services of intelligence, win or loose, stupid pride and the like - whenever we get scared at least. It’s stupid, because it creates dark prospects of mechanisms on beforehand, that is you are in some way or the other almost supposed to get involved with such mechanisms and to the effect of it being at the cost of the new message, the new potential of evolvement you are as an innocent child. If you are to be schooled in old ways of conduct, you are also to repeat it some way or the other. And sometimes the spirit in the country, the folkwit falling back by being under pressure is enough to do that, yes I’m not only adressing the system or the systems of education for that matter of fact.

Not only war is definitely to be avoided, but the repercussions of it, old ones that is then - not to mention the stupied new one the government of AFR got Denmark involved with to the worry of lots of us. Because we do not as a common people believe in neither justitsial law nor war. On the other hand, which might be the same, nor do we believe in oppression of women and children, oppression of people by command of law-religious ways implemented by guns or simply threats of punishment. And that is aswell I might repeat even the ones we got in our home-country, at least so in Denmark. I say: We are in concern of dealing with our own bad cultural inheritance by ways of systems, still meanwhile we can’t tolerate subcultures making a hell out of living for innocent, commonly good people just trying hard to make a peaceful living out of what they’ve got. Because it spreads and generates fear, that make man feel awful about living, it creates anxiety wich run down in the children aswell.

In general, I’d say, that western people more and more acknowledge unique ways of living so far as they don’t spread in ways of hardening uniformation, unification in terms of standards, idealism and fundamentalism – or just the spirit mentioned, fear and anxiety. So I dare repeat that goes aswell within the countries of the western world. Standards might not be bad if one gets to live in sense of what they wish to move and touch by heart of us, though not wish to control us – no, ‘cause if they in longer terms of cultivation kill the creative sense in living they oppress mankind in His, that is the faithful evolvement of it. And that’s what they do, when they are made in spirits of power, absolutism, idealism, fundamentalism or simply just from an aeroplane!

But repercussions, I was speaking of repercussions of war, because I find it a very important thing to deal with in order to come clear in our common spirit as man on earth by natural body of it so to speak. In other words we are not in contact with our truely honest aswell as peaceful minded heart and creativity heading out from there, when we are under stress or sorrows from realizing, that we fight each other due to being so. That is by being put under stress by simply growing up and living in a society, a world with an awful history of making war aswell as profound tendencies to make strifes out of whatsoever, almost as if we on beforehand were expecting if not even thereby making the next war to be awaiting for us around the next corner. The policy or even mind of anxiety that pronounce.

Dealing with, handling repercussions, that’s a whole new layer in our time one could say and recognize in the fact of for instance all the existentialistic expressions of many different kinds of art, aswell as the health-problems, the industry of wellbeing popping up and so forth. That is they are doing so, I mean such cultural movements also have to be seen in the light of the afterwar welfare-concepts of society aswell as the policy of anixity practised for 30-40 years. Because most of it was done in the circumstance of cold war, thereby putting, projecting all the loose ends to the other side of the wall, if not given expression to be acknowledged in succesful ways making us wiser. Can you recall that?

We might to some degree have been succeeded in keeping up peace as a goal of our concern in Europe, but the repercussions within the people of our societies, the realization of how it was, how it has been to live under such circumstances they are still going on, they are still to be dealt with. They arise in times of peace or simply by faithful peace at mind and because we are still people of family in a lineage of mankind, we have grandparents and parents, whom of which in general cover cultural grounds for at least 50-100 years by way of what we can sense by blood of it. And such repercussions of sense are specifically also to be dealt with in terms, in the directions of the old institutions, which also were part of making war arise in the first place. The 20th century so to speak, I’d say, was one of the most cruel centuries due to systematic beliefs in law, that is state-culture, academics, technology and technocrazy in the mechanisms of capital as the very wrong understanding of the bread to share. – Please bear that in mind in order to let the process of concentrating our experiences, the best spirits of awareness we also meanwhile have given rise to. Let them come foreward, be recognized in order to be nourished and make growth anew furtheron.

I mean do you recall, how the world-picture and all the policy made up against it as playing ball up against the wall suddenly wasn’t there! - Politics and the systems of it in other words go to deep in relation to the evolvement of our natural emotional lives in honest ways, in effect bad things arise such as disease, divorcements, abusements, war, criminals, that is bad ways of living by heart of life in common and so forth. When you shrew on the shrew of interets or taxes in some specific direction of society some people will basicly be screwed or even die in the other end - not to mention how the children of wournout taxpayers become under the influence of cultivation by mathematical idealism, which in effect looking at the working-man it seems only beer can adjust and keep down. I guess that is if he is not to play a part in supporting the idealism of health-care industries, producing aswell as prospering from diseases - not to mention all the people who make a living out of claiming their rights in reference to law.

You can’t work with your hands, your body in idealistic or theoretical sense of precision all the time and such standards are often or more and more put down as directions for working man to fulfill. Think of all the academicly minded shemes to fulfill, just to pick up a shrew in the stock - or the security of windows, the computing coming in everywhere in order to make man sit and the academic engineers feel worth something, inspite of it creating diseases through the enviroment of work. Evolving spirit of man and the experience, the learning of how to deal with it get caught up in the well-well motives of management of whatsoever mostly having an idealistic cause due to what is paying off on the market. Not at all, at least not always being products of good faith, mediating it as such. Sense of honest and true creativity die that way and in effect people get blunted, if not simply dull or too stupied. Do you feel comfortable Bill Gates? Are you ready to pay the bills at the gate of your heaven?

I guess, aswell as hope, that we are still personally responsible for the way we live, the spirit we confirm by our doings!!! Don’t you think so bank-people aswell as people of natural science, engineers of technology, technocrazy and so forth? Don’t you think so? And do you by the way believe, that you by way of law gain the right to fuck up faith in life and common living, that is do you really believe that to ensure you being personally responsible? You bet, but I don’t! - Who pay those who in effect of such pathetic hearts of minds has to learn a whole population how not to get sick by the false promises of technology/technocrazy and the glorius future of all the things it can do!!! Are you aware of products being a piece of spirit, mediating their spirit in question? Now if you are, then what’s the motive of it by heart of mankind, whats the cocktail of circumstances it enlightens?

Its offending to man, when he/she has to grow up in spirits of old wounds or simply just rotton, false motives and ways with language - and you can’t teach or lead a culture of sorrows unless you recognize it. The sorrows of the west in terms of spirit is people following aswell as thereby by ways of behavoir are confirming Iogics of the world not rooted in life, in fact leaving the common logics of life of man out: True faith in God, Life going on exactly as it is in always nearby body of it. The sorrows of bad reasoning taking bad action derive from old idealism. Also institutionalized ones, in fact in many ways kept alive that way, why they in other words are to be understood as arising by obeidience of satan – the wronging authority proclaiming an infinity of rights and right ways. Thereby leaving the honest common truth out of our minds of spirit, when taking action. - The divorcement beetween law of puplic space and private property play a role on that issue aswell I think in terms of cultivation. And that is not to say, that we don’t need a homebase in order to turn in and rest, on the contrary its more about those who haven’t and only very hard can come in hand of it. The matter of possesion, who owns what and who do it at the costs of others lives, especially considering the potentials within upcoming life taking over the evolvement of our best ways? Who’s to spare and how are they to give birth to admitting new ways within the next generation, without taring it all down in order to build it all half-way up againg? Life is not Legoland, building by way of rational laws!

To deal with idealism is to deal with the buildings that create it by their norm-generating cultivating manners so to speak. The spiritual battle of life to evolve in truely good ways considering man is not one of God against satan, good against bad as if they were equal forces. Because not knowing, sensing, having faith in the first mentioned you/we are already dead by the violence of satan as you might mediate so far. We are not born bad and our honest sight of goals are not bad or evil. The good of life is not to be questioned, but to be admitted in order for honest truths in common to grow stronger, evolve our lives aswell as the societies we are living at - not to say completely entangled by or living in, in, in as I don’t believe and think so in the bad sense of it as the saying: in to deep goes.

So I repeat to confirm: The repercussions of the past in terms of old systems, old institutions, the cultural inheritance and thereby ways of dealing with the common issues of living on earth, finding a way, they are to be dealt with in order to come clear, become reveeled again towards all the peaceful, aswell as sustainable creative ways we can live, confirm and enjoy. Growth by way of faith in living. Its a matter of sense, traditionally called the innocence within life of manchild – that’s the spirit our guilt and responsibility is “measured” by. Oh, yes, so fuck you all the way to hell bank-people, ‘cause you are not even doing business within the matters of organic life, organic sense. You count guilt, depths in no sense of mankind evolving, that is you basicly want life of society and the worth of it to evolve in mathematical sense of inorganic logics. You think truth is a matter of plus and minus - in other words for instance not even recognizing the plus of minus, that will come back at you with 2500 years of delay. Now that’s a force, power of God, life your little brains can’t deal with as it hasn’t got a heart in the usual way you think. I guess you even call it work, though you systematicly destruct the sense of life which is our only media around which we can live and evolve here on earth.

Using ideas of free-trade to reach some of the goals of stability, international security and cultural exchange here in Europe was one of the issues in the afterwar-policy. Yes and thereby trying to work together instead of protectionism of old borders accumulating ways of competition, that in effect creates dangerous and hardening idealism or nationalism in the anxious cause of surviving at the costs of others. The liberal principles of keeping the initiative, where man lives wether he cross borders or not by his doings - though without ruling others out of course! – it has in many ways turned out to be a mess. Not all of it, the hardcore racial nationalism have fortunately been broken in many ways - also by integration of people from other cultures, though it has been hard to say no and stop to it, so we weren’t ran over by the sorrows and griefs especially refugees also brought with them. (By the way one of the danish ministers, who did that in the first place got punished for it as you may not say NO in the State of Denmark due to the establishment of romantic idealists of academic schools finding something to put their dirty finger of self-righteousness on!!! In other words: Stay out of participating in politics due to your concern in how the people of the country can cope!!!).

Nevertheless, especially I say a mess, when it comes down to the unity a country in some sense has to preserve in order to be able to generate and confirm some truely sustainable ways in living together. That is: where WE are as common people loving life and not just, where man is as an egocentric philosophical-political individual looking out for his own liberation in terms of succes by money, power or more or less political idealism. Not to mention where the fucking whole wide world is. Sincerely, I say, life of man is not to give up living due to some world-idealistic causes and to some that balance is broken by way of hierchial institutions, the ones of law regulating behavoir not confirming the evolvement of faiths as it was supposed to in the first place so to speak.

The mess of it all is not to blame any individuals or countries, because its much more a problem of cultivation by the spirit of rationalism symbolized with blunt administrative power aswell as language to that end - that is at the costs of those spirits of common faith in life by always nearby body of it. I mean the cultural process in Europe since the second world war has shown the limits of the european-western tradition of rationalism in terms of political goverence and parliamentarism in power of paper up the sky of no limits. I think, that we need to get rid of the symbolism of power in papers, which hang on to that tradition of law, rights, academics and politics - and move on to the seeds in the level of soothing spirits by body aswell as thereby disciplined cultural exchange in spirit of Joy. That way also dealing with the circumstances of the hard truths. We don’t want to spread hard truths, that depresses life or create fear and on the other hand we know such truths are to be dealt with in time, are to be enlightened in good ways in order not to turn into hardening conflicts of violence among us or into hurting an otherwise mankindly living as such.

We are commonly good people in Europe due to other much broader issues of withborn cultivation in the mankindly sense of it, but we do not confirm it efficiently enough by body of it in order to let the ponds of butter, ponds of love, ponds of honesty within our respective lives aswell country-cultures grow well-spirited so to speak. I shall come down to that below in the text, speaking of Denmark that is. - By the way, I’m looking foreward for all of you to integrate danish language as your second language!!!!!!

My father doesn’t speak english, but he has been working like a horse all his life without any network of security whatsoever. By his faith in living and taste for it I’d still say he knows more than the lots of many people still trying to create life, making man something he is not. And indeed by way of speaking – especially the ones who punish you afterwards for saying, what you have at heart to say I guess. (That has something to do with hearing life speak from where it is and not just by ways of ears). Anyway: to him an overall state-system is the same as communism, which to some degree unfortunately also mean, that his ways, his generation, his mind of living has a very fine sense of keeping out of trouble by only doing what is necessary – I was going to say though, to keep away from people messed up by law and its socializing, academic, political institutions of jelly. Now I guess to some degree I’m bred jelly-fish differently by ways of school, so I have not been opposed to the system school is involved with, the law!!! - not untill it took my beloved one and my son away from me that is. Beat that shitty read-y people of academic cultural breed, are you in for cultivation by being who you are as an honest person or what? – (Oh, I see, you wish to talk psychologically about it, let’s do that then: Do you recognize your projection of guilt and responsibility in giving birth to sustainable ways with living, that is by not keeping up a picture of knowledge in life, knowledge of society which isn’t there unless you got your degree of skill, your ticket to heaven in living on the tax-state!!! Did I hear you say envy? I mean do I have to teach you your own subject of Psyche?)

The fear of EU has always been a question of how much power it were to claim. For instance EU meant a loss of danish sovereignty in our home-country and that’s basicly impossible as far as you can’t live and make an effort without being allowed to do so, that is constantly being controlled or measured in terms of degrees, laws or rules made in the strive for insane universal fucked up caisar Nero administrative procedures. The law-trouble of unified laws, connecting law of a country with cross-country laws have never been solved. In consequence every law have become valid, that is pick the one to your interests!!!

The same goes within the home-country-matters between different trades of culture and its not only pathetic, but cultivating, generating mind-diseases by cutting off the heart in common, though nevertheless still expecting people to be civilized. Its totally stupied and a matter of utopian idealism created by law, the concept of law. - If you don’t want to live your life in ways you by heart of it know create diseases you better not mix up with people following the laws or rules in the social aswell as capitalistic mess of it. They are insane in the way, that they make their living by confirming laws of rule which cannot open up the mind by heart of life in common, thereby finding more sustainable ways of living in the longer term perspective. On the contrary rules don’t create the room for natural evolvement, since they are not made by natural evolvement, but by old institutional ways of thinking, platonic or just rational ideas of reflection reflecting the cold universe.

In other words, there is no truth in a rule without common faith and sense of it – but a network of rules and technocrazy aswell as technology doesn’t confirm such sense, doesn’t generate such common faith and sense in the longer term of cultivation of honest man. And that’s the big trouble of the political states governing society by law and rules of conduct in the mix with capital. And it has always been so, much too long that is. We have to admit it in order to look for, see and find other ways of conduct by sustainable ways of living – I mean keeping aswell as being down to earth in our ways with learning, teaching and evolving our living. Disciplin that tend to rule out common faith in life in its evolvement of us, man, are to be seen as bad ways of disciplin. It cannot be overheard, the truth will show somehow – if you abuse the honesty within life, it will show some way or the other. In other words truth and honesty are not the same thing due to academic state-tradition and cultivation of the flesh thereby, though they still are supposed to go together by body of it, so that we can live, learn and evolve by natural and personal spirit of it. The honesty of man is so to speak more important than social norms generated by more or less theoretical truths, so the last ones has to come down to earth and understand its recogning in terms of being, living, spirit on the move with life in common.

Such big troubles as mentioned are also specifically the issue natural liberals by faith represent; in other terms its called the strife between normativity and progression or traditionally speaking between God, Life and man, the life of common man. What WE do, the way we live creates precedent in the folkwit of man. Rolemodels the thick expression of it is called in USAlian. Sorry, commonly good fellow people of America, but many of us all know that something is missing in the actions of actors on the screen of the world. Not to mention the consequences of cultural breed the screen leaves in the state of mind of man. Yes, Denmark also started something there with the old Nordic Film institute. Anyway, man is not just a Hollywood-star nor just a star from Sherwood and certainly not a caisar of idealistic starpictures turning his identity nor his constellation around. NO, but nevertheless I guess he might exactly be a president in terms of faith in love of mankindly and honest ways of living by heart of it. - In Denmark we don’t have a president, so its the king/queen in terms of our history of leading goverence, which in effect can be an advantage so far as it is more obvious that the state-minister is a common man dealing with huge issues far over his head!!! - It works and work out fine, when the state-people, state-citizens don’t forget who they are as common man of dignity in life and I guess also as far as the world, other countries aswell don’t believe that one man or one country in expressions of power that is can change the whole wide - very grateful thing of living in life, being alive. Amen.

The same goes for England I guess. We can’t rule out our bloody histories so far as it keeps our recognition of common man being one of breed by flesh and blood aswell as in faithful evolving spirit within his natural body of culture from thereon. Especially in the matters of dealing with the romantic inheritance, I’d say. Dealing with repercussions of an awful way with life in terms of european history. - By the way dear english people, in my view its not the nobility in for instance the House of Lords, which is the problem – but much more the scholastic, more or less academic cultural breed. To some degree the more original ways of refinement in accordance within our countries aswell as in accordance with common man has to be recognized as mild as it is - and then seen as different from those ways of the romantic wanna-be-culture of learning by reading-writting fucking old stuff plashing out everywhere making man going too high up or too low down. I mean in order to prosper from the good ways of understanding and sensing we afterall got, the bank of experiences in being dealing with bloody culture in terms of evolving away from it that is. Though not and fare from alone as far as we concentrate the sense of common man dealing with life of faith and love. Nomatter what he is fed up with.

Learning has to be learning life-issues and thereby also evolving man in common aswell as his new ways of dealing with life within our cultures – and not to be fancy socializing in codes of honour by wit, I think. The mild firm way that works by heart of us in the long run, we could call it. - Is that inspector Morse? Or isn’t there more to it? - I think we need to admit, what I’m trying to say here as the way of living and dealing with repercussions of war and history aswell. And that is not so much by way of litterature as by faith, body and sense. Yes, I mean by sensing the originally mild and firm ways we’ve already got among us, when we look at it. Some of which we in the name of Life also have been given rise too due to the good work that has been done within our cultures. Hopefully I’m not being too imprudent now, if so then please forgive me - ‘cause I had this sense coming at me: Your roots are to find in Scotland and Ireland. You are not more romans than your institutions and my point of issue is not going back to Weking-manners, but seeing who we are by climate and culture, flesh and blood, admitting the enlightening causes anew in terms of evolving living, letting it become what it is and within its own right so to speak. Mild and firm, common man around common things but in a new sense of it, of God one might say – sense, that give rise to more sustainable ways with organic growth, sharing the bread and so forth.

People are to stay low in terms of politics and high in terms of faith in their understanding of traditional positions of power in society in order to hear and slowly integrate the new acknowledgements, the awareness and new senses our mankind is evolving. If you for instance do not find joy in your work, then you don’t work and aswell one can say, that we still need to evolve ways with work - that admit for instance singing as the lovely negro cotton-farmers did to cope with the trash of greek-roman ways with man. – We need to keep up the spirit by having faith in common living, simply being and therefore also to stay low in matters of understanding traditional positions of power. Listen to what they have to say, but not following it as a command, not doing what they say as far as there is no sense of coordination on such a level.

Also because some of those people, some of us might be the ones to take over in front of the young lions of political parties, whom of which I believe is being breeding themselves idealisticly in ways of being, thinking and so forth. The common sense of man is not given by political orientation and cannot be kept alive in circumstances of political culture, which I guess is also another way of saying that policy has to change in ways of expression, signals, communication aswell as social systems. That goes for education aswell. - I think we want the honesty, the dignity of being alive, working in good sense to evolve into our leadership aswell as to be our ways with interpretation and critics. All of us have the natural freedom and some must then say natural duty at heart to back up life of man as such, the most honest ways we can in sight of him/us to evolve a sustainable spirit by body thereby. One of recognition, that for instance doesn’t have to be very, very, very well-educated in order to keep up appearances – yes as if recognition was a matter of being studied or the like. In other words we simply need the wise manners of man by his being allround in terms of faith and honest spirit.

Its insane not to admit true love in man in the name of God, the power of Life. If you don’t love life, you will be hurt more than you think you deserve. But life, God or common love of life is also an honest question or quest of the mild truth to evolve by your faith in flesh and blood of it afterall – otherwise it become an idealism due to the many people living in a state of mind cultivated by people exploiting the state-culture of law, aswell as due to it being a mistake in the first place. It’s a mess we have to deal with and rise from. And to mediate the soft and mild truths of love in life as the sustainable spirit within mankind, to give a direction for all of us within an area of language aswell as perhaps a country by letting such spirits come forward in honest ways, that’s the hardest thing to do - though to some the most natural thing to strive for. And especially in the circumstance of the brutal western culture of political state-idealism, not to mention the lost academics in their neverending sceptical ways – if the honest truth was recognized they would be unemployed or more important to them I guess their business so far would seem aswell as be totally ridiculous. Why do we pay academic institutions, ways of living to spread blunted theoretical spirits of life into commonly good, natural ways of understanding, feeling and living? Why do we sack the innocent child to grow strong in natural, personal ways by exploiting its value as ground for income to people, who just keep on repeating history, not getting it in terms of sustainable aswell as healing ways with living as being?

Common european people know how it goes, when some naive people turn good ideas into systems of goverence everyone of us some way or the other become involved with in the end. What we do becomes part of who we are and that most certainly also make its point of issue, when some people in the idealism of representation make their countrymen part of what they do by way of systems or technology/technocrazy. That is: You cannot totally cross the cultural inheritance by the respective flesh and blood of us, the ones we are due the history of our countries and peaceful living within it afterall. I mean especially the good work as also worth of it are not to be dismissed, but recognized in order to be confirmed and grow on.

We have to understand that and learn to use it otherwise. I mean see the forces of diversity from the same core of love in mankind, inspite of it being influenced by circumstances of culture or too much history of culture, if not seen as man trying to deal with his bad cultural inheritance on country-terms aswell. And then concentrate the honest truths evolving from thereon, instead of seeking unified ways or standards of conduct in some far out mathematical, political-economic idealistic sense of reasoning. To make a subject out of an entire country is to be unfaithful and basicly stupied in terms of love and honest truths of life within mankind – but of course that’s how it goes by way of academic-political, universalistic reasoning living their lives in the ancient world, before our time.

China for instance might have been a brutal society ruling out some potentials of personal man we care for - maybe it still is - but surely they know in their sense of it as common people of life. Just as we all do in our respective countries, inspite of the wrongness of incontrollable mechanisms going on within them so to speak. They care about living in their way and that is to be acknowledged by the honesty of it aswell as fore us to see, that we are not that different, though we aswell have to take honest pride in the nearby life of man within the country we live. The evolvement of our personal potentials, the freedom to seek and understand such feelings or messages are afterall not without problems to our societies, speaking of us seemingly respecting no limits of behavoir on a bad day. Or worse: By people living in a hopeless aswell as endless call for freedom not there.

Anyway: Stop looking out on the world as if the country next to you was the man next to you or more worth than your country for that matter of fact, ‘cause such categorical thinking oppresses new initiatives, the ones that can only come from the heart of man, face to face acknowledging common truths evolving out from many different kinds of such meetings in the name of life.

Basicly in terms of God, Life, man can never be against man, at least not without thereby ruling out or even destructing the faith in mankind. So in other words living on earth as man born by parents of mankind is a cultural exchange creating an evolvement of life of man furtheron. Most of all within our country-ways - but no, not alone - just aswell thereby creating some sustainability to be recognized. But also the off-runners taking the temperature of man on earth in general. Speaking in traditional terms: Don’t punish, no, but I know you do in societies all over the world, so I repeat: don’t punish people, because they might mediate something for all of us to become levelled by. I mean understand, see people in terms of seeking a way for man, that is all of us. Have faith, stay honest by heart of your life in order to not justify, but understand, withstand your doings inspite of you making mistakes and misjudgements aswell.

In other words turning back to Europe the succesful prospects to my view concerning EU is, that we finally got the academic-political tradition of Europe and way of reasoning off our back. Goodbye, eat your papers pigs of Plato and aristocratic scientists of law aswell as your far out roman treaties mixed up with justice by human rights not at all being in the spirit of love in the truely liberal aswell as faithful sense of it, that is in hand as in honest heart of common ways of following life in its natural evolvement. Inspite of the cultural shit from the past all of us must bear faithfully aswell as peacefully untill we can leave it behind for good. So, goodbye, undergraduat academic pupils of life in political state-systems – fuck you all the way down to your mind of power in the truth from hell. And then keep up the good work of cultural exchange and country-language-exchange and nothing more, cause otherwise you are in fact systematicly mediating hell on earth. Do so, I say in order to be honest in the name of God, do so, instead of sacking the units of our countries you ought to know have been a strive for comfort, that secure peace by ways of common people living there, speaking their own tongue in dealing with life going on. We all have to learn something new, that might be very old and very mild, but its not done by paperwork alone and not to that degree european culture does it trying to make a paper become a mans action, so he can be punished if he isn’t in accordance with the minds of paper!

Stop building by law or theories and start living by heart or simply just shut up, eat your papers right up the ass of your homosexual concepts of the truth in living, yes that is constantly trying to make the other part look the same to you by way of law, the power of too rational symbolism making an idealism out of life. Your job is in short to shut down the academic tradition of university in order for true knowledge of life in common to evolve. And if you can’t manage that, you know very well what guns of true faith are for. You ride on the institution of law and for that you are simply poor bastards in the heart of life. Knowing has to progress by being and not the other way around being progressing or growing by knowing forced through by ways of law or theories of management. Yes, definitely not when knowing/knowledge is in the enviroment of potential administrative power of inheriated authority. How many years do you need in order to learn just a little bit about how fucked up you are in terms of knowledge not admitting the living truth we all are in common faith of? The hierachys of knowledge and knowing by position of power of law or income over the taxes have to be broken down in a process of finding other ways of living, that acknowledge the wisdom of creation by simply being in withborn spirit of it. To know is not a quality, when it doesn’t confirm sustainable ways of living by spirit of it aswell. And don’t tell me living on taxes is, not to mention teaching young people to live that way.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen as a synthesis of the folk-parliament and a common dane aswell I find it worth mentioning, that the cultural enviroment of an old kingdom deeply know what power is, can do and especially cannot do before its done in soothing ways. That is not to say he has done so far. Nevertheless I think one should pay attention to the means he aswell as others use to make their point of view. - One of the first things Anders Fogh Rasmussen said about the institution of western allies deriving from the second world war was, that its a movement of peace. Don’t forget that, not even if he does. Put people on it and turn it into expressions of peace. I mean keep on dealing with conflicts in peaceful ways, but don’t sell democrazy as the only way or by forgetting to mention the tradition of faith in the honest word behind it. They are also a matter to evolve as I think you know by now by my outbursts towards it. - Democrazy is old governmental thinking and the goverence of societies in the west have never worked without faith, the core of common truths of man alive by heart of it. The word has so to speak no power of goverence unless it lifts the heart of man up from and to his old, always wise folkwit in question in order to take care in it aswell as finding new ways for it – and to share from it, give sound to it in order for others to hear how common it is. I do not represent Denmark officially, I just hereby speak up in writing as a common man from Denmark, because I believe I have something to give thereby.

The world-business, the globalization going on today is still about enlightening the truths of man aswell as the mis-take the whole fucking tradition of capitalistic-academic-political systems have turned man into in the west and to some not quite trustworthy degree yet also learning other countries in the world aswell. Therefore religion, that is faith in life and not the world or the whole motherfucking universe, stupid academics and scientists – therefore it has become a question I repeat, which in effect means that the old academic-political institutions of the world are to be dumped by those of us, who still have common faith in mankind to evolve peaceful and sustainable ways of living. Yes the ones, that know how to let true love conquer the stupidity of power by rule of law-mentality and all the ducks and quacks within that field. Goodbye ancient world in the goverence of satan with his justitsial weight of gold for instance – and then look up, cheer up man grasping life, just as wonderful as it is.

We are to evolve honest ways with life, which cannot be done in the jetlag of world-mentality not admitting the honest truths about man living next to man in his country of common culture to take care in. Keep up the geographical borders aswell as the ones of language, instead of making them a too problematical issue – deal with the life you’ve got within the borders you’ve got, then new ways with no borders to feel anxious about will open our hearts for yet again new ways so to speak.

Now heading back to the view of names. Peter or Pedersen got no specific cultural breed of the danish climate of culture, its nonsense to say so of course, but sometimes, in some aspects one can feel different due to the history, the use of the names in question. Jens is not a christian name, whereas Peter is. And Anders, that’s still Donald. So welcome to the danish duckyard with no wish for giving sound to gossip, but most certainly grubby quacks. A feather easily become five chickens the wournout fairytale teller H.C. Andersen explained about gossip running into rumours of fame, so you see Denmark is trying hard to get rid of the romantic swan among the ducks and back into the green grubs in the quiet firelegs rising from the endless subsoil water.


With Denmark being one of the oldest kingdoms of the world one also by the firstname of the kings see how the country has been influenced by certain goals of spirit, wishes for evolvement or direction of developement. For many years the name of the kings have been shifting between Christian and Frederik. Christian is christian and on the other hand, the name Frederik directly translated means “Peacerik”. When it comes to the kingdom of Denmark, the breed, the families of Denmark have in the name of Enlightened Kingdom been nourishing the concepts within the tradition of love and truth in the manchild. The manchild every one of us is by way of being born within mankind - we are not born into the world, but into life, we arrive so to speak into the hands of our father, family, common life of man by flesh and blood of it. The child of man doesn’t first and foremost seek the world, but the nourishment to grow on in order to become strongly alive and fit for taking care in living.

So to understand the basic goal of democrazy in terms of the danish population aswell in that line of history or formulated sense, I’d say it was the king who gave and confirmed the danish people in their right - NOT neverending strive for rights as such. Aand did so by signing the constitution of the State of Denmark. In other words the laws of Denmark are still written under the hands and faith of the Danish Kingdom, said so in concern of some very important prospects to us. And they are not first and foremost prospects of power, in fact not at all. - Still for instance the government of the parliament has to go around the Queen, when new state-ministers are to be confirmed. Its a matter of honesty aswell as dignity of common faith. As a leader in Denmark you serve a kingdom of no power, but those of common dignity. Not thereby said, that’s how it is done yet in one-for-all-in-everybody or among the different leaders in charge all over the country.

I repeat. Most of all this means, that the state-government of Denmark are meant to serve the enlightening course of developement and evolvement by way of love, understanding and thereby peace. And in that line of thought at faith – peace can never come first as no peace nor understanding is given without faith in true love aswell as sustainable ways with it. The state are meant to serve a developement like that just as those sound of spirits come foreward by voice of common people. Sounds and sense of faith, hope and love are other words for such a movement. That is around the common living of being bred, breeding and breathing – simply living cultivation in truely good ways with one another, thereby letting as admitting an honest living to make it for all of us as an evolvement in the hands of God, Life itself. Honesty, not honour, but common honesty by heart of living makes us feel safe in terms of life and the great and grateful worth of it.

In other words the name or sight of goal in the danish democrazy was, in my view still is the one called Enlightened Democrazy. And my sense of it is enlightened living by common man, people, man of mankind dealing with the issues of living side by side in sense of Democrazy playing a governing part in terms of directions of the word, the voices and concentration of their wishes about common ends. The basic line of thought in Democrazy is one of letting different people speak up from their lives, the way they live and about the trouble or problems they feel or find towards common ends such as the roads, having a place to live, finding work, having an income or just something to eat. All such different matters which if not paid any attention to will corrupt and destruct, spoil the light we need to nourish in order to live side by side. You see, the most important thing is not wether the roads have been fixed and covered with asphalt, no, its a matter of being or feeling heard as part of living around the same places, within the same country-area. Democrazy is a way of direction, that tries not only to think, hear and discuss matters of puplic concern, but also to take action on behalf of people in general by solving issues that depresses common man or simply hinder him in living an honest life. Democrazy is in other words strictly a matter of common issues, which are not bound to values of money or law, but those of life. Otherwise it wont work.

Democrazy wont work if it become an idealism in reference to money and law, which is why the enlightening course within life of honest man, the dignity of everybody being a life taking part in living has to be the reveeled background. And that’s a matter of education or simply nice parents teaching their children by way of love to hear, listen and learn from their experiences of life and people they meet. For instance: When democrazy has been established in the folkwit of a population it can find solutions on hard matters of conflict by the technical way of election, counting votes – but it wont work as far as the loosing parties get pissed and let the anger go all the way down in the people they represent. ‘Cause then a part of the population feel a loss too and maybe start to nourish hate towards those who won the election. And that’s a bad thing about political democrazy using technical ways to decide who’s right, what common course we are to follow, work on and so forth. Exactly the reason for me to stress the point of view about the enlightening courses of understanding, evolving life of man in common by the heart of our living body wether we participate in politics or not. You see the traditional problems within democrazy is unfortunately still one of power – the parties who win get to decide the direction of spirit in the country, that is untill the opposition succeed in getting some more backup by the population. - Its a game of power playing by the same rules, but it leaves common man confused aswell because politics often is a matter of how the wind blows, thereby loosing its confidence of backup within man in general. The enligthening course, the nourishment of honest truths in honest well-being, good work, good living in general therefore has to be recognized and confirmed as the matter of which the democrazy specifically is concerned.

On the other hand I guess one also has to recognize, that though it might seem to be an endless game between striving representative parties of the population, shifting from the left to the right and only sometimes succeeding in finding the midle of our spirit in general matters – nevertheless one should also look at this quacky mess in terms of societies having only one (or two parties) as the government in power. ‘Cause thereby any new contrasts whatsoever might not even rise to be recognized before its too late and different sides of the population already have started out to harden up and fight each other leaving all the honest good in life of man behind. - Basicly we do not want to be one-for-all-and-all-for-one in terms of blinding idealism aswell as it also tend to punish us if we do not keep the maybe too well-established standards or simply norms that arise by living side by side. No, I’d say: we want to be one-for-all-and-all-for-one in terms of breathing a living together by being exactly the ones we are each one of us by the honest truth of being born as such. Aswell one therefore can say, that country-unity are not only to be seen as defined by borders, but much more by our well-being as man within his good way of living spirit. Common honest people know, that strength shown by ways of force, military, ways of command, war and such like in order to keep up a unit or unity of causes – is not sustainable in a long term perspective. On the contrary it shows weakness, lack of confidence in man to evolve peacefully. Having a big cock doesn’t make you a great lover.

To round this up in terms of how some of the experiences and progression with the tradition of democratic state I’d say, that democrazy or democratic ways of thinking – listening to what other parties of people aswell as common people in general have to say - mainly is important, when conflicts are in question. Democrazy is not a matter of online-computing, that is its not a governmental nor technocratic way of commanding you how to live, but a way of letting living be what it is by recognizing it by voice of us and to evolve by good faith thereby. - Unfortunately that’s not common knowledge as far as the organisation of the state to some degree tends to rule out that perspective, because living on income over the taxes can never be a commonly recognized sustainable way of living. Especially not if that way of living expand, which is the case in Denmark where half of the people live that way. Everybody want to be good and do good work, but some people have the law on their side due to working with it, which give them an advantage in claiming what’s right.

It can’t evolve sustainable living, it can’t integrate the bank of honest truths we have produced for much more than a lifetime. Not if the people working within it don’t recognize and confirm the enligtened truths, the good spirits of mankind. I repeat in new sense of it: the state is meant to support an overall stability in society by letting sustainable ways of living come foreward and by channeling the democratic resolutions, the advices we have agreed on. So in the end, when sustainable ways have become our ways by our own hand the state is supposed to unwind itself. That’s the prospect of the enlightened democrazy in Denmark: To let the enligthened spirits of good-living we have recognized and agreed on spread through the state-institutions untill the institutions are not needed anymore in the same old sense. Yes, it becomes complicated sometimes. Nevertheless it has always been a matter of cultivation, learning how to live side by side around common ends, though without being blinded by them.

I repeat: In Denmark the Kingdom therefore plays a very important role in our understanding of what the democratic state serve. We derive and come out of a history of Enligthened Kings, whom of which exactly due to the cultural movements of enlightment gave the power to the people within the condition of the common duty by heart to seek mild ways with life, sustainable new ways for all of us to prosper from. And therefor I say and repeat, that in giving the power to the people, the danish people commited themselves to take over the enligthened course in terms of finding a way to let an Enlightening Democrazy work out questions of power, what to lead us and so forth. Life is alive and so is the spirits within living, but nevertheless we all have something in common which is important to nourish and generally have faith in – and that’s the course of the natural enlightment as it comes foreward and out from the flesh and blood of us when we speak or otherwise make our point of views.

We don’t have a House of Lords in our democrazy as for instance the beloved english people still do – in that sense we have a very flat democratic state, sometimes too flat. I mean too flat as the spirit of rationality: bankbusiness, mathematics, systems of technology, technocrazy and likewise trivial matters of the infinity of psyche leading nowhere but to the mediation of social aswell as capitalistic mechanisms of envy and contempt. Not to speak of death and dreads of war.

The only one truely above the democratic state is the Kingdom, the House of The King or Queen, which in effect of our enlightened kingdom, the enlightened house of Kings also mean in the name of God. Otherwise it wouldn’t be that way. So thank God for that. The king represents the common breed of the danish people, so in other words its the relatives, the family of the danes in the name of God, which is above the State. The king simply pronounce the common, familiar values of life by flesh and blood of it in the lineage of life of man, the bit we are of it here in Denmark of course. And that’s very important to notice, because it has a long history of nourishing the faith of love in terms of dealing with questions of common society. One could say, that in the blood of danes all the awful strifes from the past also have given us a sense of the honey and butter in the core of our lives, there is a seed we wish to nourish and also know is the most important issue to keep in mind in terms of living and striving to evolve in naturally peaceful ways with one another. The seeds of Denmark or simply the life ones got aswell as therefrom and out with the holy spirit and not spit of it so to speak – that’s the growth, the sharing, the participation and awareness to pay attention to. It has nothing to do with money, no on the contrary money-people create slaves out of their habbits, so unfortunately they can’t help devaluating the values of life of man so to speak.

Society is by the way a latin word we don’t have in danish, apart from the tendency of it, when social-democrats (NSDanishAP) governs the state-institutions. In danish society is expressed as the found of common gatherings by honest spirit of it. Directly translating the danish word for society into english says: Together-found or founds of gatherings. Basicly it pronounce the found of man as being within the prospects of evolving within mankindly ways as God will it to be and become. Its a recogning of what society is about, samfund is the name in danish and the first word is: same – yes so you might aswell say: same-found. In other words its a matter of evolving the identity of man within the same mankind on earth as we have always been living by. And in consequence of that in ones area, where we live as part of our country-cultures. Thereby we are making as letting the foundation of the truely durable experiences come foreward in order to pick them up, to concentrate and recognize them and to confirm the best of them in broad terms for the future to come. An evolvement by life itself one could say – depending on the honesty of faith by heart within the way one is living aswell.

As closer our honesty is to God, Life for man in common sense, the more we gain to share and make a living out of. Yes, that’s where the issue of honesty comes in. - Don’t you by the way think, that breed of family in the given enviromental surroundings of culture, raising children and common issues of life like that is a gathering worth paying attention to all the way and simply for the sake of prosperous living by Joy? Life is not an issue of making it better, but an issue of admitting the honest good of it and to let that be the message of growth or savoir in life.

This little depiction of the butterfly in the danish butterboaty stomach of our Kingdom says something about, how we understand the enlightment on foot with our roots at heart. Down to earth its simply a matter of gaining sustainable culture as a whole, but by way of truely faithful hearts whether they hit the roof by striving to conquer the position of power which is not there and then fall back - or they simply follow the light by heart of life at first, nourishing some mild and firm ways of understanding, living and working with it meanwhile and all the way.

On the last mentioned issue we got huge educational problems, brainwashing the people, which in effect adresses the first mentioned romantic tendency, the strive for rationalistic power to gain freedom or something else, that is not there when its ruined in the first place so that you come at it in inhonest, wrong and a half way. One of the consequences is, that we due to the rationalistic traditions which of course turn into socialistic ways of thinking when it comes down to man and society – nolonger really know how to love and work side by side in truely good ways.

- So be it fucking state of Denmark and people living on it, ‘cause you made the call for our roots to take over the old-fashioned way – and that is by breed of dignity, breed of honesty, breed of truths, breed of love by flesh and blood of it, but most of all the one of common faith in life by spirit of our forefathers taking care in their children and commonly good work in prospects of the bread, our nourishment.

Denmark is a Fatherland, which means that grown up men, becoming fathers, are to recognize their duty by heart in ways of faithful honest living, loving their children and women aswell as the man next to you. Decently that is, yes and thereby taking part in evolving good life among us. Their is so to speak no power above men who recognize that, because it can only be done in continuely honest faith of God and his common truths by loving the man next to you aswell as the king/queen, whom of wich represent exactly the first mentioned in the overall country-term of it here in Denmark. And there is no racism, neither nationalism, nor royalism in it – nono, because its a matter of faith and love in your life as being part of others, that is living society by flesh and blood of it so to speak.

There is though a matter of chauvinism and feminism, which of course go together among unfaithful people creating unfaithful culture – but its not to be seen as womens faults or the faults of homosexuals for that matter of fact. And they are not to be punished in no way whatsoever for having turned around against common man in ways of living by honest faith in common. Though they are neither to project their misfortune on others, making a standard out of being against common families, men and women, whom of which haven’t got the trouble of knowing what sex their are in common ways of living. In other words they arise due to what I’m saying next. The matter in question and likewise matters are to be understood in terms of the many businesses, matters of work and education, which is done in spirit of egyptian-greek-roman tradition of rationality, the spirit of mathematical equality having no sense of common man in his unique living person wether he’s a man or woman. Or child, not to forget. The equality to nourish is only the one recognizing the honest heart of man unique as he always is in person so to speak. - So in other words know you know who the pigs are that confirm such spirits by line of work and practically cultivate unfaithful ways with life in the most important core of it. Some people simply therefore turn around against common man in his honest way of living, dealing with his drifts and so forth. - How are you boys of Wall Streets around the world, are you alive and working for the growth in organic ways thereby confirming the evolvement of learning the basic media of spirit on earth, which in fact do acknowledge what I hereby say?

Dear mother’s darlings of justitisal people, bank-people, academics, scientists, administrative people, teachers and so on in the fucking capital-state-institutions of Denmark, do you understand? Do you understand, what heart in boys and girls of man you systematicly piss on? - You open up for somewhat new ways sometimes and that’s alright, a good thing to do, but you don’t follow up on it and you don’t close the doors after you, which means that you run off with - yes you basicly nourish yourself by the potentials in children and young people who are to bear man and mankind on danish ground furtheron by mild, firm and sustainable good-living ways. You have degenerated life on danish ground and as you still refer to aswell as speak of justice, legitimacy and rights, practise it and also somewhat due to having your income that way – you’ll bet Thors Hammer will come back at you in the name of Christ, the honest truths of man right in your chest. And I don’t bet.

Honest brothers of common living wether their language of faith is the one of Christ/Mother Mary, of Muhammed, of Budda and so forth, they don’t have anything against each other. But we do have something against people serving the romantic nationalistic state in too rationalistic ways, serving politics, serving science, though not first and foremost serving LIFE by admitting it in the hereby mentioned most common understanding of it. Yes by the faith and love mentioned and not by the violence that arise in familiar matters by not recognizing, what I here say. We do have something against the pussycat of state-citizenship and its self-righteous administrators all the way around, because they degenerate the life of man with a toy-hammer, in reference to law that is - instead of admitting honest truths of mankindly prospects of dignity aswell as the equality by heart of it. And I repeat certainly not by idealism, status or position of old greek-roman authority. Fuck you people in question, fuck you all the way down to the hell you’ve created in danish living – and listen now: There wont be anybody to pick you up for being such bastards of lies. Not untill you ressurect and heal by your true enlightened faith by blood of it that is. You don’t want violence, do you? No, me neither, but surely then your task is to tare down your romantic buildings of castles in Spain, you know the ones of universal air having no common desency in terms of life. You know, the one of law-religious culture. Go to hell, bye, bye, ‘cause I wont see you there. Yours faithfully, Jens.

For many years Your Royal Highness, Queen Margrethe, has been ending her newyear speech to the danish people with the expression of wish: God in Violence/Power. To those of ears at faithful heart of kings, in danish the word violence also mean rampart. So you see, its a praying for her people, the ones we are in one. The rampart of God, faith in life shall protect the love of man living together, which in another sense also is the rampart around the castle with its many beatiful halls representing the heart of man within the country its serving. Heartchambers are to be protected by faith and nourishment in breeding aswell as the breathing art of living life. So that’s simply how its NOT constructed in Denmark according to the Kingdom aswell as common breed of it in the life of mankind.

The Kings House and the peaceful minded kingdom we have got abandoned the way of power as leading principle many, many years ago. Being private Bailey I’d say: The King truely heard the common people, when he signed the constitution of the State of Denmark around the 1850s by giving the officials and politicians hungry for power or megalonic dignity, aswell as their companions in the nobility of rich people making their score on it – giving them all the power they wanted to make a fool out of themselves. It was a very faithful gesture by him, I’d say. The Kingdom of Denmark is far from being snobbish, which also come foreward in the way for instance our beloved Queen Margrethe have giving her sons insight in the common living of Denmark, that is commonly achievable educations and so forth. They, Your Royal Highnesses, Crownprince Frederik and his brother, Joachim, are educated and bred in order to bear and serve, indeed represent their country, NO not only country, but much more the love in living danish people as a common family of dignity in mankind. And to do so in equal common ways or you could say very much in tune with the folkwit of Denmark. I’d say so at least and repeat: The common dignity of love in living and the growth of truth nourished throughout that way is the matter, the main business of our society, it is what the danish kingdom most of all wish to represent.

The dignity of the danish kingdom is in other words striving to let the power of love, enlightening truths of mankind be the leading spirit of common living and work. So its not power by force, but power by common dignity by heart and the new truths it gives us, which is our concern as people here on earth. I think that’s it, when it comes down to who we are as a people according to our history of being an old kingdom of flesh and blood aswell as when it comes to discussing democrazy in terms of the state-system, the idea of state-government and its people not recognizing the truely honest spirit by heart of man in terms of evolving sustainable living.


On the way I also wish to express my thanks to our neighbours out of the feeling of Denmark being an old Wekingdom. By heart of it in that sense I feel we are very closely connected to England, the Irish, Scotland, Iceland, the Farries, Norway, Sweden or generally speaking the northen Europe. I’m very grateful to our neighbours in the north and feel a big concern to our neighbours in the south. Not so much Germany as they are partly northsmen by heart. They know how to hear, without making a fuzzy heat out of it, which is just another way for me to give expression to my deep acknowledgement of their central position in Europe. I’m grateful to the profound beliefs the germans got by heart, to me they bear witness of all the dreadfulness of ancient Europe by being right in the midle of it - which unfortunately came foreward in the most anxious way during the second worldwar, though not without profound reason going all the way back to the dreads of the ancient greek-romantic ways. Yes I think they know that very well by know!!! Still in my view they cope remarkably fine and determined to become clear again and, which is my main reason for saying so, that is they are also considering the repercussions of anxiety in european policy due to old wars as such. Maybe little-big Denmark could learn something from that – by blowing the lure!!!?

There is no people in the world I do not love and thereby respect as common living man. I do not respect any people in terms of godfather-cultural ways though, the terms on which respect is something you earn out of fear of being killed or otherwise put aside. Respect is most often used in the sense of platonic love, which of course never can be for real by heart of us – on the other hand one might also in this line of thought make it clear, that common dignity is very much different from the bluntness of respect. In other words common dignity come out of fearless faith in love, whereas respect runs out of fearful faith in power.

Anyway I was going to say: The church of Denmark has been following Luthers interpretation of the bible at the end of his search in those matters. To us it was the germans who led the duty at heart of honest man come foreward in the name of God. Here speaking of the protestantic reformation, that led us away from the depressing sacred Europe from the past, the one mixed up with the romantic mentality of leftovers from caisar Nero so to speak: The Austrian-Hungarian Reich and the German-Roman-Reich by Hitler aswell for instance. - Ouh, I see, that was also what came up again in the dreadful Jugoslavian war being part of that old romantic Reich once!!! And how is it going in Romania by the way, the well-enough tempered little weking of comeonness in the north ask gently as he shared a sixpack of beers on the stairs out in front of my house with a friendly guy coming from there, now working here? - His tire was flat. On the bicycle I mean, so, yes finally something more easy to fix than this asmatic lounge-cancer enviroment of breathing communication by way of rationalisticly ordered screenshots of spirit, just to make the statement: I love you all, I have faith in mankind!

Nevertheless one can say: As in the french revolution it was also the poverty in Europe, which gave rise to the second world war – that is by ancient asses of academic-political state-systems of romantic power of capital of course, you know the ones europeans just have in order to for instance make borders in the sand of africa to the effect of its paying off forever!!!??? Have you by the way been shooting some pirates from Somalia recently, USA? And did your expensive boat come home with groceries, Mr. APMøller? I will not forget to say though: Apart from fighting pirates outside the coast of dreads due to the poverty of the somalic civilwar, where you are expected to kill the man next to you in order to be a loyal member of it!!!

Apart from that, turning back to the subject in question, in my view Denmark is mentally positioned in Scandinavia as Holland is between their neighbours. I dare also say, speaking in terms of language and mentality due to that, that Denmark is a quarter of german, a quarter of english and half of northsmen. Indeed the once not so sweet swedes from the more eastern minded north once taught us the last mentioned lesson, that is the one of evolving on other issues of life than those of playing big and weak or small and strong!!! The south of Sweden was once danish and mentally we are still close, indeed as you can see the coast of Sweden from Copenhagen, but also as the island of Zeeland, where Copenhagen is represents the inner-core of the saxo-danish history of the enlightment of the pagan wikings up north as the say goes. The graves of our Kings have their place in the old wiking-city, Roskilde, wherefrom at least we know, that wiking-sailors took of and had a wiking-king-castle nearby. The first bishop took his fighting-helmet off another say goes and then he moved the capital of Denmark to Copenhagen in order for us to evolve away from the dirty wiking-manners of Roskilde.

Jutland where I’m living at the moment is more anglo-minded aswell as naturally more german and norwegian minded - I guess that area might even have been christanized before the barbarians of Roskilde on the island of Zeeland. At the moment at least, they seem to be going through the reminiscences of fascism by believing in themselves by way of socialist state-rationality and not by the king at hearts. On the other hand I guess that’s how it goes, when honest people come to town and make them feel, what they forgot. The kings castle in Copenhagen aswell as the true and to me dearly beloved original inhabitants of Copenhagen will fortunately teach the wanna-bee-cultures around Copenhagen with their swinger-clubs aswell as their strive for gold up that end a lesson so to speak. I’m sure of that. ... On the west-coast of Jutland they approximately speak english dialect; (the english kingdom once was danish, in many ways its the same blood, especially up north due to the romantification of england, which in my view is the reason for all their well-known bloody wars between tribes of breed. Its hard to let a kingdom arise in peaceful enlightened ways, when mixed up with a romantic tradition of reasoning caisers of power I GUESS. But they managed and still will do, the nice gentlemen of England, knowing how to do hard labour aswell. And by the way the old common-wealth had completely different issues, missionary values to work with than the old romantic ways, I think).

The low self-esteem of people from Jutland, speaking of provincial manner in general I guess, derives from their beliefs in living on earth as part of mankind as a giving and not in the city-culture of television looking out on the world as being nobody from nowhere in a way of life meaning endless taking!!! The institution of Aarhus University is by the way very much the reason to the false low self-esteem in Jutland as far as it/they do not recognize common truths of man, instead they romanticly or scholasticly wants to latinize us by way of reasoning. Anyway the more original jutlandish nature of esteem is not bound to the concept of just being oneself – at least not untill that is ruined through school, where they are trying really hard to make man equal to oneself/himself!!! Estimations by people from Jutland are often seen at as ridiculous, because they don’t come from Copenhagen, where the central station of anonymous modern living striving for money, law or just to be where everything, all the cool stuff young people get caught up by is going on. I’d rather say though, that its much more due to the academic wanne-bee-cultures in general, which the official institutions unfortunately support. In short: Modern academic influenced culture is simply disgusting, it sucks due to its projection of inhonest, unfaithful spirit in growth. And in effect leaders of our culture degenerate, become more and more of no common wit of man.

Also the Baltic countries and Russia have my deep concern, but I guess its simply how it is, when you love people in common concern of mankind. How are you, Algis from Lituania and what about you beloved russian, Eugene and Sascha. Yes, we all got bonds that connect us all the way around the globe.

By the way the distance the north of Europe sometimes make towards the south of Europe has to do with old sorrows of Romantic Europe forcing its way through by political idealism, concepts of government, concepts of society, which have never been truely adjusted to the temper nor the climate of the natural northsmen or speaking in general the quality of each unique people in the countries of Europe. We all have our ways and I think of it as a quality, which are not to be made into pathetically, romanticly high-cross-cultural standards in terms of expecting us to overcome such a natural thing as having our always more or less own ways. It should be acknowledged as a quality of unique cultural spirit instead and nothing more in the sense, that we thereby get closer to the honesty of man living in his nearby culture. The original mentality of the north at least is not one of reasoning or policy, but one of being hands, arms and legs and then hearts and knights, maybe even clubs having some snapshots of vodka while we burst out in our core-roar as primitive barbarian primates ready to rock and roll the stones of life down on earth – if we can keep the balance so to speak.

Also the folksongs of the Irish and their social ways of singing for instance have been connecting Denmark mentally - with old country- and folksongs of america aswell. And the other way back with the blessed soul of african people and their deep sense of the rythms by body. Whereas the humour of the british, the megalonimaniac irony deriving from the experience of cultivation by old kingdoms I guess is very well known to the danish aswell. And the norwegians, they simply keep up the true spirit of the common danish people at the moment... They still got the legs and keep them fit by runing up and down the mountains in case we forget. The norwegians are also called the italiens of the north due to their singing ways of language somewhat spared from dealing with the hard edgy conflicts of old europe where no people may be who they are and feel glad about that.


The wiking-mentality is not something to brag about, not at all, no and by the way it doesn’t brag - when its most honest it simply bursts. But seen in the light of the wikings around the North Sea aswell as the Baltic Sea going all the way to Moscow through the rivers, seen in the light of the enlightment of the old weking-area by some of the truths deriving from christianity I think its worth mentioning. Most of the western world have something peacefully aswell as faithfully in common due to Mother Mary and Jesus Christ, but I mention all this, because in the north of Europe the mentality before the christianization was neither greek nor roman or jewish.

The mythology of the greeks and romans are similuar to the mythology of the wikings, though not the same at all, because the flesh and blood makes the difference. You can not have a line of thought, a mentality called in our time without admitting our time by flesh and blood of it. That’s sickening for sure if one is supposed to do so. In fact some danes, englishmen and norwegians I know of still feel some of our way of love by flesh and blood being more understandable in wiking-manners than the romantic latin ways of christianization and indeed the state-tradition, which still think it’s objectively doing some good in society of man by considering terms of rights instead of love in living. So it is not odd, that danish people have trouble with modern ways of european state-culture, that is when the myth of psyche, the myth of justitsia, the myth of Hippocrates and so on by force of law create a idealistic mentality which is not at all danish nor scandinavian or english for that matter of fact.

Or put otherwise: Its not odd when an upbringing by common love admitted by heart of feeling the ground zero of being wonderful alive to do good – and then suddenly having to deal with a stupied society, which worship the gods of Olympus, that is a mentality before our time, year cero. Thereby aswell ruling the natural evolvement by spirit of body out, even our growth in creative living. You see, that’s how stupid the authorities of the State-culture is, especially the academics, I mean aswell the academic ways of reading and writing, making rules, systems of law by inheriated history of administration an so forth teaching the population to follow up on it. I’d even say the states of the western world as far as they follow the tradition leading back to the godfather-culture of Plato being pissed loosing his homosexual boyfriend, Socrates, for then to move on to Sicily in order to make a difference: The Roman Reich and the romantic ways with love and war, crossing all of us by heart of common man. That’s how it went with boys in politics and in charge of systems of education say the little common boy, whom of which under no circumstance can become an honest man under such terms of conduct. Ask boys of war, what they take pride in – on behalf of life! Their sons? Quack, quack, rap, rap.

In other words the states of Europe never really will be in honest power of the truely good evolvement of life in natural mankindly ways, though the people of europe might recognize exactly that and instead go below by faith of the wonder in order to rise up again in honest experiences of life by personal faith to share within it. At least I think so untill they get to know or acknowledge the roots of justice in the name of truely honest love in God, life, the natural balance of being somebody also called man within his given of a name aswell in order to hear the calls of Life here on earth. In other words the work of that state-tradition live on broken hearts, not healing ones and the people of it don’t know a shit about how to heal by way of living society in effect of that to be specific. On the contrary they, many people live in terms of a mentality expecting others to pay for their unfaithful and inhonest way of living – but I guess also because they otherwise get dumped by people in charge of no patience whatsoever. Its all wrong, bad culture. They/we/all of us simply become too stupied in the academic wanna-bee-culture, I mean the one that reads, instead of just simply knowing by being born and continue in good faith of senses within the media of life as such.

Maybe this might sound a bit too rough for good and honest people involved in academic business, nevertheless I believe you have to move on, that is train yourself out of the institutional procedures of the written word to acknowledge the spoken one aswell as recognizing your insights in terms of body, terms of living, terms of faith not being born by principles, laws or rules inherited by old fucked up institutions of authority or traditions of science.

My aversions towards academic tradition are many because its bound to the state-culture aswell. And most of all because they haven’t found a enlightened sustainable way of learning, teaching and mediating. Its far out to learn a whole population to read in order for the production of 117 subjects drive into the folkwit of common society – it doesn’t clear anything out. Another thing is its strive for power of control/administration, telling lies all the way in the name of truth, learning pupils the good, but in the name of bad, not sustainable spirits by body. And much too sceptical spirits and stuff like that aswell. In Denmark in fact it has the death of many people on its conscience when seen in a longer term perspective of cultivation. Man can’t breathe and sense his way by theoretical logics, so in many years much of the population simply have had to pull back, yes even fall back into depressive ways with life in order to keep their jobs. - They are control-freaks with no faith whatsoever in true life as honest living, 2500-3000 years of tradition they have got in seeking the truth, though without even finding or acknowledging the mediating body within it. And they are still not convinced where it is - due to their reading state of mind I’d say. They spoil the spirit of life of man that was to evolve naturally.


At least I can say, that to an honest dane words and concepts like state/republic, justice, psyche, policy, academics, university and the like are simply just latin and do not capture or cover much more than the suffer of being brainwashed by language of false power through school, that is not adressing the heart wether in mankind nor the bite of it we are by our climate, culture and history, which mean inheritance by flesh and blood within its history of enviromental circumstances. Its a commonly known problem of the western world in the view of northern Europe, I’d say. And specifically not only one of language, no I think much more one of the honest truth.

The academic-political tradition makes more and more language, theories and ideas, they wish to become true by power of policy and law/rules - instead of narrowing it down one could say, sharing the insights in faith of soothing spirits and nothing else. But I otherwise think that only happens, when the honest truth is found too hard to cope with or simply just systematicly overheard for 2009 years in some far out wish to leave the past behind as if time wasn’t captured by the truth in all eternity of being alive by heart in the flesh and blood of it. They don’t recognize the honest truth by body of it in terms of ways to mediate the spirit of it into sustainable living, because they can’t find it in the brain read back to hell by the idealism of power by law!!!

For instance I’m speaking of the tendency of constantly making a problem out of the either-or, yes-or-no rationality as if it wasn’t balanced in natural faithful ways by man being of a much wiser body of spirit, above aswell as beneath such trivialities of stupid gravity seen outside of the prospects of evolving life. Latter on unfortunately made into a paradigm for the objectives of law aswell. Or mixed up with it at least, yes with the goddess of Justitsia and her claim on equality by stupid measurement of a silly weight. Academic-political state-culture rule out our natural senses to heal by being together in faithful sense of it and make an honest living out of life on earth.

To me at least the agony is, that the truely felt love of mankind has its battles with the stupid legacy of the greek-roman empire, the platonic stupidity of never-ending strive for and use of rights and justice right across or simply breaking the holy wholeness of life in common, that is in its growing and truely honest breathing ways. Science and technology, the academic-political inheritance make a mess out of culture by bodyspirit of it – and there is no excuse for doing so. If they do not stop or at least try to take in the scrambled eggs of true insigts they have got by new ways of mediating bodyculture, finding soothing and sustainable living ways with it and so forth, instead of being continuing the symbolising by power of old authority, yes, then they surely are the ones, who create the next war. The diseases due to the welfare-concepts of society are already on their conscience aswell.

If one needs to not only conquer but even fight for ones right to the bread of living and/or then afterwards prove it in justified manners to people, whom of which do not recognize or acknowledge the sharing of the bread here on earth, we might as well start out by calling everything and everyone different from us wrong, that is starting out the wars and conflicts that makes a hell out of living together on earth!!! Capice, comprendo, do you understand stupid greek-roman academic state-tradition and journalistic behavoir aswell, not at all to say something bad about the common greek people or italians this day today. - The tradition of plato still wants to build a country by idealism of justice in law as if it was Legoland, yes, as if we were plastic bricks to build upon and not mankindly living by faith of honest love in its natural evolvement of flesh and blood, that is living relatives striving for a peaceful but mildly strong growth in ways of living together around common ends of organic nourishment. Sharing the bread of life by body of it in all the good ways one can come at!

Now Jens is a very common name in danish as I have told you. So I repeat, mostly by the quality of it and not so much by its quantity anymore. A former foreign minister Uffe Elleman Jensen did for instance also represent the liberal Jens of Denmark, just as little-big we are and know we are. Anders Fogh Rasmussen I guess learned a thing or two by him as he was also a fine man. Especially when it comes to the representation of the state of Denmark, yes only in theory representative for the common people of Denmark that is, as usual – as far as politics still is a temptation to avoid in living and will be so as long as it get caught up by the symbolism of power, the connections of using force of law, force by trade or money and force by weapon on universalistic, idealistic terms. Its the spirit of rationalism within the state-tradition, therefore indeed also academic ways with it, that kills the enlightened initiatives by our ear of it. Nevertheless, those who pay their duty in line of how the history of our systems of goverence have evolved, they are to be recognized for their strive to let voices of peace, acknowledgement of enlightened democratic ways in favour of our little Kingdom, our people, common man aswell as cross-cultural awareness and so forth come through. I repeat: Inspite of their political tongues they are to be seen as common man deriving from an upbringing and living here in Denmark, though still as I try to express not just in the way they might think themselves. Politicians become the synthesis of it all and then dry out, meanwhile they are to be recognized for giving sound to the faith that come out of the living in the country wether one thinks it will be for good or worse, wether one agree or not. They do something and from knowing little Denmark as a common man they do not wish to offend anybody, when dealing with the cross-cultural issues we have got to find more sustainable and peaceful ways with. Over an out!

Circumstances of power has always made a mess out of man, made a lunatic out of him, whereas circumstances of enlightened truths by faith at heart in motion within life as such, as a holy whole, that has always made man a peaceful mediator, evolving the truely good ways with life and one another. In other words: Hard issues or difficult things cannot really be dealt with in ways of traditional power. So turn it down, maybe even off!!!

I’m not so much into politics, liberal is not as much a political term for me as it expresses the one of being openminded by honest heart of mankind. In Denmark the liberals came out of the enlightened tradition, that is grasping the freedom of taken action, but by motive of honest faith and not by using violence. Liberal is connected to liberation, so traditionally speaking liberation can only be justified in terms of the heart of God, that is the succes of spreading Joy by new testamonies of life and mans living. Its the liberation of faith and honest insights of being man in mankind that truely good liberals are working for and speaking on such terms they live, work and think in providential manners. And of course a liberation like that can not or only very, very difficultly happen in terms of hell before our time, that is in line of greek-romantic tradition: The republic/state, psyche, justitsiass, hippocrates and so forth. In one line the culture of repitition, copying pictures or ideas of man instead of becoming the living face of man by heart of it, seeking to express the honesty of it. Academic-political state-culture within its mixture of worshipping the iron-age, the worshipping of gold and technology, it simply mediates hell within life of man on earth.

In terms of Denmark at least, the democratic process suffers from the spiritual strife that goes on between the enlightened intention within life as society and then the flat worldwise rationality from hell trying to administrate individuels on terms of endless coordination. A continuing reminiscence of the academics who generally work in comtempt of the honest truth in life aswell as their opposites do: businessman of money giving a damn about the criminals they produce as far as both in question keep up a lunatic strife aswell as a mindtwisting symbolism between law and money for children to grow up in circumstances of. The academic state-culture, the technocrazy, they keep up their living on taxes, thereby killing the socalled free initiative – and on the other hand people doing business by the free initiative forget, what its bound to, which cause of growth its meant to serve. And it’s not money, no it have never been so. So in other words, if you are not playing a part in one of those two ridiculous, fucked up law-religious capitalistic cultures as exactly the fundamentalistic parties they are you become either sick or criminal. That is, I guess, if you not voluntarily turn into a monk to avoid the depicted cultivation by cocky monkey-brains in their true abandonment of mankindly ways of living by heart of it! Yes as if there wasn’t enough for all of us, I mean who counts – yes, ‘cause my heart count those of you who count to decide wether there is enough. Who’s to die then or already dead?

Don’t worry though - ‘cause the truth of God will make them burn on the inside, if they do not obey the honesty in soothing living spirit. In other words don’t pay attention to it, ‘cause its over, they are already dead, lost from true faith in life of love in common. Do you understand: Truely honest people knowing the truth have pulled back from the western institutions of insane power, that is they know, they have seen the borders of our civilisation due to the fucked up greek-roman justitsial-political-money-bank-people up the ass of your childrens heart, the one of manchild. Instead many of them just go out to help in other ways through all different kinds of organisations. The truth can so to speak never come foreward in the buildings governed by highcourt according to principles before our time, which is another way of saying how their symbolism of language, true or false, right or wrong will never ever be in its right place of cultivation and evolvement, the one of living by natural heart of mankind thereby helping one another. So goodbye to you, who follow the rules of satan and his way of reasoning in living, may the truth of God make his statement in the hearts of your children for you to see and admit honest ways with life of love in common from thereon.

To be liberal in that simple sense of being openminded by heart is quite conservative, quite common. It is for instance not to acknowledge ways of behavoir that cross well-known dignities of living such as for instance fucking the wifes of one another, though still to be openminded in admitting that new ways of spirit have to be found. That’s not to be open-minded by heart in my view, but simply being stupid in ridiculous modern ways. I was going to follow a thread though in being and feeling very common-hearted minded. Maybe its also due to me being an aquarius in the sign of stars, who knows, who cares? Some might! - I once heard that Jesus was one of the most common names of the jewish people and that also made an impact on my understanding of being a Jens as the most common name of the danish people.


Christianization. The enlightment of Denmark finds its ground zero in the name of honest love as spoken by heart of mankindly living in common, around common issues concering our mankindly living on earth aswell within our society consisting of families by flesh and blood. As the main-history of Denmark has its core-breed, its tribe around the lineage of kings arising from the people we are, the enlightment also got in that way. It was the only thing, the only way the wars between kingdoms and between tribes within the territories back then, in the past, could find their more durable prospects of coming to an end by living otherwise. And even between the church and the kings house, latter on the state. In other words the christian missionary preasts coming from the south wouldn’t have been able to enlight the danish people about common values of life such as finding out living together side by side, finding or simply admitting new ways for all of us to prosper from and the like. Not without the authority of the gathering of the Kings that is. The enlightment, the christianization were so to speak sneaked in at the backdoor, I’d say. Nevertheless: only so far as Gods honest messages of life can spread and do. And that wasn’t far in terms of the common danish population, though far enough to have something to work with – to build up trust in ones own living in faith and favour of mankind so to speak.

Since then a worth-mentioning strive in our society has been how to recognize the voice of man by heart at it in all the different layers of society, ways with living aswell as in life at different age: children, young people, midaged and elders. And to do so in order to find the best way for all of us living in the same society, on the same earth, beneath the same sky, having the same God to prosper from aswell as evolving our living in common faith of. And so forth. To some degree it has evolved a sense of the danish folkwit, though today many official institutions still can’t hear it as an expression of mankind on danish ground. On the contrary they much too fast just call it nationalism as if we weren’t part of mankind and faithful living though we speak danish and generally wish to live our lives, where we are and find it ok to be. Well-aware of also having to pay attention to what goes on outside of Denmark though – but not at the cost of dissolving our society by the flesh and blood of it in terms of what to come aswell: The natural providence in sight for every child to be born by, grow up in sense of as true withborn love and to evolve it furtheron in their way.

Generally speaking the readings of the bible in Denmark has been taught in analogy with the one of the jewish lineage in spiritual sight of Mother Mary with Jesus Christ as he stood up against the roman empire sitting upon the jewish people back then. Analogy I say, yes, because our lineage is not jewish, but a Kingdom that go way back – till we might speak of tribes simular to those of the indians or simular to perhaps the old scottish people. Thank God we are not back there now and thank god aswell that we are still the same having just learned a little bit more about identity in living as a “same-found” by faith and spirit in mankind.

Denmark was at first christianized by the Roman Church, that is catholicism and then latter on by the reformation of what to sense and understand within the terms of God, his son and the holy spirit. Back then at the time of reformation it was a matter of the power of the roman church. It was much too expensive to take a carriage all the way down to Rome in order to let the stories of the bible be told in Denmark by blood of us!!! – After the reformation faith became an issue of duty by heart of every man and not something to be told by latin preasts or any other govering institutions whatsoever. The movement of reformation in europe was a cultural movement of freedom in somewhat the same sense as Jesus once gave rise to, that is by being honest at heart, speaking of it, sharing it just as simple as it is in the Joy of being given a life afterall. Jesus by the way died as a very good christian!!!

The reformation aswell as faith in general was not and is not a self-righteous course, but a liberation of the basic understanding of natural freedom in faith of God. It do not cross the honest heart of common man in general though it might enlight and confirm him by giving sound of voice to, what commonly happens in natural living – aswell as by giving sound of voice to the news, the new issues of truth, that arise. You see, mankind also evolve, its not a closed circle – or any other mathematic or geometric form to coordinate whatsoever in reference to. It might thereby also make him, that is common man realize and experience his life as having something new to offer to the surroundings of mankind. Life is a gift and that doesn’t cross anything. The ten commands in the bible for instance are very well known and accepted in general, they are not rules of conduct, but limits, borders of behavoir that on beforehand tell you a tiny bit about how you might avoid to become an inhonest man noone can trust, if not even end up in jail that way wether it be your own or the official ones.

But in other words there are natural matters of breed and drifts by flesh and blood of it, which are to be dealt with in faith of love, mercy at heart, hope of the light to brighten up by and so forth in that honestly evolving aswell as natural ballgame. Otherwise we wont learn a thing about the honest butter, the honey and sugar within life, the warmth within honest man living in the name of God, Life. Aswell as by mans seeking and strive to let good ways of spirit grow and spread patiently with understanding aswell as withstanding one another.

In other words our main concern has been, to some still is the spirit of his doings, his message of truth not being one of logos in the whole wide world or in the fucked up technocratic universe so wellknown within the fields of academic science, policy and capitalistic culture so to speak – no, no, no its ONE of the unique heart of man within his common breed in flesh and blood in its natural prospect of propagating aswell in general following the natural movement of life by body and heart of it. Though also in terms of evolving culture thereby, work with life all the way in patient and joyful ways, sight and sense of what to come. Do you understand, sense?

As known his doings also became a story of protest among his own, the jewish people, who strongly believed in God as he did, though maybe didn’t quite recognize what he was saying. I’m speaking as a common man, please don’t forget that - he said: The truely unique heart of man, your natural person is given by faith in God, that is vital Life, aswell as thereby the needs and means of basic goods to share and prosper from within it. Furthermore his doings to our concern were a matter of liberating sinners or simply people feeling depressed at heart due to the violent circumstances of the cultures of western-european-midle-eastern cock-sucking brain-cultural inheritance of punishment, not knowing much about the ways in which the truely peaceful life are to be found, arise and kept alive. Simply evolve by common and peaceful living that is and inspite of fall backs, which then still are to be dealt with in faith of life.

Furthermore I continue thereby aswell cultivating societies through testamonies of such loverable, harmless and soothing spirits. Even curative ones as far as it is a matter of sense leaving the memory behind so old knowledge don’t blind you!!! – In fact the accumulated fear or trust in traditional authorities can make a man die by one saying, perhaps scientificly for instance: that he/she’s got cancer. And as the traditional authorities are not to mess with, then you better listen and die!!!? - Faith in knowledge is not faith in life and when people start to believe in something which is not true by natural sense of it they start dying by their sense of false life and how to cope with it. Knowledge as sense of truth do in other words have its place but it has to be in faith of God and His wish for your life within mankind and not in favour of a system of subjects or idealistic cause whatsoever. And to get it so to speak: One has to acknowledge the common aswell as natural ways of man and to live in sense of it. God never wish you to die, no he is particularly in for living as good as it gets. He is always with you by heart of it and never against you so to speak: Life strives to make man live and its not only a matter of survivel. In other words we wont survive unless we nourish ways of good living by heart of it, because otherwise we start to kill each other in terms of competition. Its impossible to work with one another around common ends, if we do not have faith by heart of life – which in effect never is something one absolutely can tell or judge as far as we are all in. And one could say: There you have the freedom of loving man inspite of what to you might seem as his wrongdoings.

Gods will, that is the will worth talking about, yes the meaning of life - His wish for man are to be admitted and recognized within the unique being we are born to be by body of it. And that’s the inbreakable bond of common faith by body all the way around the world. The true ways of evolving peaceful aswell as sustainable living are first and foremost given within the faithful truth of every one of us being bound to mankind and mankind bound to Life on earth, Gods will on earth. And such ways cannot come foreward in living without being enlightened and reveeled to the very mild truth in the perfect fact of being exactly who you are as a person and we thereby are gifted to have among us allthough you might have a pimple on your nose. Are we to make a war out of that?

That’s it: our faithful, honest truths have to be recognized and admitted by sense of man aswell as admitted as the common core of every issue of living together not being the same all the way though still being the same all the way, if you know what I mean. Living is a process of growth and the evident result of it is not something down at the end, but you, the common being of man faithfully alive – hopefully in the mild, firm and honest ways not making a war of conflicts out of living. Yes most certainly considering those of conflicts, when such boring issues come in question – yes, they are boring, because they only come in question due to unfaithful ways of living in the first place. May God therefore make his statement right in the heart of some of you for systematicly having abondoned the truth of his son, that means the manchild, the true insight of common love in life wether the name to recognize it by is Muhammed or Jesus and so forth. God is the same to all of us as far as he pronounce LIFE. And man will never ever become God, though he might exactly be a piece of his spirit, his voice, his wish by representation of our honest living around common values. Ends of values, which man in fact cannot cross without dying - and then maybe have to believe in strong ways to recover, ressurrect and the like. Here I most of all adress the natural bonds and the natural grieves of sorrow in loosing someone dear to us, people we love aswell as the recognition of it, that is the recognition of our basic ability to love and care in order for us to move on, turn the sorrows around to joy and gain mild aswell as strong spirits again. And to be more specific: I’m not speaking of loosing so much fucking else as if the world was a game of win or loose for man to involve into thereby completely forgetting, where the piano is and how it plays for all of us in the beginning as in the end so to speak.

The light of life is you being alive and well, enjoying life and doing good work thereby - and not the sunlight or all the stupid knowledge of it produced by the academic tradition feeling anxious to be left outside of the whole wide world, because they are educated as such, that is: they are to some degree left outside in the whole wide world. Remove the tax-state here in Denmark, then you’ll see the truth of death run over their faces, that is, then you’ll see how unfaithful and rotten their tradition of knowledge is: One tremendously huge projection of evil out on the world aswell as on other people by mediation of their tongue aswell as management up my ass: the common manchild having something to give and say to all of us.

Academic ways with spirit generally mediate pure destruction of mankind. Somewhat too general perhaps, but generally speaking they simply live without a truely humble heart in action, which otherwise in fact also could work and evolve a much wiser living for all of us to prosper from. In Denmark at least there is no body-culture to awaken the spirits within our common body aswell as body-language as such to be recognized, mediated and simply to go along with their studies so to speak. And its not sport I’m talking about, games of win or loose. - They are sick in the core of life due to that and therefore mediating hell from within their position as educators or state-workers in general. - The western world and the school-systems of it worship knowledge of the world before the child grow up recognizing the knowledge of love in life, that is within honest and sustainable ways of living by true heart in working body of it, thereby recognizing the organic organism within which we belong and endure. And that’s truely evil, academic ways more or less directly create evil people not knowing how evil they are, which I guess is why they strive so much to become good. They have to clean up within their own tradition of subjects not to spread their inhonest ways through the state-systems. I actually believe the best thing is to close down universities to let Organities arise in hands of a diversity of common men dealing with the soil, the plants, the animals aswell as body and spirit of man. Simply to become grounded in terms of living in general so to speak. Too many of them at least don’t know how or where good is on beforehand, in providential manner. And that’s sick, because they rule it out thereby instead of confirming it.

So, in other words, if you generally insist on keeping up the system of justice by law and law-making cultures in general, that is also science, then please take them out as some of you very well know how to do! - Yes, I mean take out the fake and truely incompetent criminal people of authorities using power in order to legally piss on not just other common people, but the prospects of evolving life by truely honest heart of it. They got 2009 years of imprisoning the heart to atone for, not understanding more than shit about it, yes I’m speaking of the sense of life we are to evolve in order to stay at peace with one another and much more. They practise a way of reasoning and action by consequence as the say goes, if you say A, you must say B. So to that, today I must say by voice of God if he let me, so be it: Now you take the consequence of producing sick societies, sick people right in the midle of your lousy unfaithful heart. When you have been saying A for 2500 years, without admitting our time in all eternity, I deeply think its about time to say B. And sitting comfortable here at the table of life by voice of it I will let His judgement through as honest as I can. And that’s for sure undergraduat pupils of teachings from hell. As you know, there will be no mercy in the logic many of you prefer, so the time has come for you to go to hell, that is to realize how many people you in fact have killed by way of living as pigs by heart of it. May God burn his messages through to your lousy brains of no wit by heart – though still right in your heart, so you can realize, where it is and start working in spirits of life instead of the poor universe.

Your unique wellbeing, faith in life and strive for it to overcome any illness, badness or whatsoever - though without violence of course - that’s the evolvement of your life by Gods hand and thereby also every one us. God, that is Life doesn’t secure you anything or command you to do anything specifically, but having faith in him, again I repeat having honest faith in life, thereby your living life aswell of course – it simply gives you a language of true sense by your heart and lots of prospects to stand by in the uplifting manners of feeling warmth. Life of man is mild following the hardness within nature by softness on the move and the flexibility it gives in order for us to overcome and come home, safe again. Awareness in living and the knowledge of the fact, that there is enough basic needs of goods for everybody is the way – sharing the bread all the way and in many, many ways of spirit at hand. To some its utopic, but then I guess you immediately know what being honest mean, not to say how easy any issue turn into idealism in the state-cultivated minds of western people!

Those who claim their rights might very well already have been nourished the idealism of justice at the cost of the evolvement of the one by honest love in God-life. So be it, let them die in their own self-righteous judgement of dignity not coming from the heart in name of God. Platonic-aristocratic, political-academic tradition you are dead, that is not moving man as people by touch of the faithful heart in growth of common man.

Jesus didn’t turn his back upon his own people, the jews, but confirmed and liberated their good faith in God, that is: Life for man by heart and thereby sense of it. Anyway the story his life told is how childrens withborn faith in mankind most often are killed by their own, in european-western culture at least. Aswell as the story about, how to see the truth in society: Any leadership have consequences, though not necessarily bad ones - but the bad consequences that sack life at honest heart, treat sinners as garbage, spit upon people for their mistakes, revenge, convict, imprisoning them, oh yes, ladies and gentlemen welcome to the ways of punishment in the middle ages aswell as back then. That is also: back then in the lives of those who still worship and obey greek-roman culture, principles and ways of reasoning deriving from there and unfortunately not within the now of our living for God sake, the truth in all eternity.

To repeat and stress my point of view: The highcourts of the western world are so to speak governed by the most unfaithful, the most profound pigs of mankind you will ever find. To position oneself permanently in the place of God by tradition is the most unfaithful way a man can go or thing a man can do – and afterall, there is only one highcourt, which of course is not the one of romantic law in the tradition of caisar Nero, but that of the truth by heart of breeding and breathing life. You see their hearts are black as hell, when it comes to the honest truth, way of living and evolving truely good new ways with life. Pigs, that’s what they are I repeat, but unfortunately they don’t know what else to be, born as they are by the masses of monkeys following a leadership all the way up to the cold air of Olympus in order to see the sky of nothingness on universalistic aswell as idealistic terms. And never returning back, at least not untill they fall down and die or become a simple heavy spirit of sorrow for commonly bright life to deal and cope with. So don’t forget, that we are to do so, return back that is in order to enlight the mechanisms of law-religion, finding a way recognizing the worth of laws or rules to advice us though not at the cost of the honest word of life speaking at Gods mercy. That is unless we want to create violence, pollution and so forth in ways of living!!!

Western law-cultures leads man beyond redemption so to speak, I’m sorry to say so, but I mean what I say and think we can recover, level out by way of exchange with man living his way all around the earth. I mean recognize the common things within living inspite of cultural differences. - Nevertheless many of you law-religious ones are pigs by the honest truth of man in your way of being self-righteously justifying people by ways of old authority. You are so to speak responsible in the name of God and cannot rule that out by saying that you have been bred that way you have been in society – yes exactly just as the ones you convict or condemn, in some countries even to death. So of course I cannot expect you to acknowledge, no I know poor piggy bastards of pathetic hearts not admitting anything that works by the honest truth. You live in time of history and not in life and for that you might be doomed in all eternity.

AND: You piss on my son, my faithful breed and core task of mediation in life by flesh and blood of it by giving the mother fucking around with somebody else the rights of parency. Oh yes, but that’s not the only reason – because I know exactly the core of your way, striving for justice, striving for the truth, but not even admitting one piece of it, because you think, that people don’t know law in terms of, what is right by faithful heart for God. In the living circumstance of culture that is. I know the consequences of cultivation specifically produced by your subject of law and your way with living, so may you burn in hell and thereby your unfaithful institutions. ‘Cause please listen: you not only suffer from having put faith in disgusting old authorities, you have abandoned the honest truth: THE FATHER, THE FAITH. It wouldn’t surprice me if you by the political state of time being and in your minds aswell found it fair to confirm the mother as the principle of mother Mary, just to make some equal balance going on there in terms of cultivation!!! Now its the other sex’ turn, the highass psychopatic romantic mind in weight of equality seems to suggest!!!


Culture of natural enlightment by way of common living on earth. THE theme of cultivation is in other words the one I hereby line up. The western world have never been civilized or so to speak only civilized by the dreads of fear, that law-religious pigs of power generate by living as they do, thereby keeping up accumulating stupidities of sorrows that makes newborn children of bright and innocent hearts be overheard – yes indeed, so they most certainly will repeat all the good behavoir they have imitated!!! Its sickening and very dangerous too to mankind to let such bastards be in goverence of leading spirits in a society, wherefore we have to think otherwise allround in terms of leadership and being a leader-figure to people. That do also mean leading authorities, which constantly try to smear itself with objectivity such as systems refering to the constitutions and the like. Honestly one can’t do that. Allthough constitutions are part of the flesh and blood of the folkwit, yes one can’t do as told unless you want to abandon personal responsibility in the name God, Life. Nobody can tell you, what to do, but systematical education does.

Anyway, we already know aswell, that to high expectations towards a leader or aswell schools for leaders elaborating good leadership, trying to make them better and better and better, oh yes, we know that doesn’t pay off in the long run when mixed up with law-suites, money-people, all the systems, the messed up folkwit of orientation and so forth. It just grow expectations. And its ridiculous, that even estimated leader-schools don’t recognize what I’m saying here. In other words: If you wanne make leaders you have to admit the leadership within life, the core values, which are not political or capitalisticly made through commercials, but simply born by flesh and blood. Leaders of faith and ways to deal with conflicts by faithful firmness.

The constants in living is not constitutions or institutions we can build upon by learning knowledge of them, no way, ‘cause they are first and foremost established in order of time, thereby history. In effect we have to find ways to learn and lead in sense of history by blood of us, the honest heart within and without letting history-lessons evolve into dangerous stuff such as repitition in ways of living. The living folkwit is an example of such a level of sense- and its not a concept, you can’t read it without being in sense of it and live along with it so to speak. In other words the rationalization of everything always leave out the living folkwit, thereby never really creating the contact with common man in order for all of us to move our lives in a more sustainable direction.

It works all very fine as it is one propably would say aswell, but when we come to realize it in longer term perspectives and quests it doesn’t seem to be the case. The major issues of world-business and countries, that is people being in a mess cannot be solved by way of traditional leadership. No, such issues have to come down to earth in order to be recognized in some of our ways of more or less faithful living. The world is not a problem that has to be solved, no its only a projection of all the problems living people got, because the man next to you unfortunately in many ways is a pig in his way of living by heart at it. Not to mention his action - because sincerely you can’t judge from that alone – do you copy stupid law-building corpus of the roman caisarship in acacemic ways, who generate systemized mentality of right and wrong behavoir? The man next to you is to be put in faith by your beliefs in God, life and not him so to speak. Don’t disgrace your own withborn faith, but make sure it stays honest, in contact with the reveeled life.

Generally we do not live in sustainable ways on no level, at no issues whatsoever. – ‘Cause money can’t buy you love, which means that there is nothing to share or do anything good with, no motive, no motivation, when money or law for that sake has taken a man, turned him into a leader, who governs the labour by accumulating prospects of profit and false promises. And thereby aswell the minds of the labour, working man, common man. Love is not a psychological emotion, but something which is born out of faith in true life, which in effect also means that its very strong, when not exploited. - Does your company strive to increase faith in life, thereby leading new organic ways of living? For how many years have your company nourished sustainable living in the organic organism here on earth, ha, major pigs and cowards of no faith in life? How is it to stuck your cock into innocent women given birth and breed to children growing up in no natural faith in organic ways? How is it?

Too many danes are stupid in their beliefs in, their confidence in authorities worshipping Justitsiass, not to mention the one worshipping Hippocrates at the hospitals. Such people are at first more or less programmed to believe, that the danish society is the state of Denmark. And latter on, when they find out that society is life and life of common man, that is if they do, then they start to program themselves by rule of argument to justify, why they live as they do. Untill they die by drying out, slowly realizing, that they didn’t leave much personally new, withborn news for the next generation to be nourished by and take care in – unless they copy of course and then do the same shit all over again. So in the meantime they have among others regulated peoples behavoir by sick old authority as mentioned, that is by seducing, judging, refering, condemning and convicting the juicy creative faith in people aswell as children just trying hard to find a way out of bad cultural inheritance in order to stay faithfully put. Yes, children always do that by natural heart of faith in God, a warm and comfortable good living. - They were good people, some still are by heart, but they don’t realize, what they do in terms of cultivation. And not only their children, but the childrens of mankind to come have to learn how to deal with that in terms of society, living somewhat together on earth and without making a fuzz out of their too stupid parents – I mean when they are too stupid in terms of love. The biggest crime man can do is not to love his children and not letting them know in common ways aswell. ‘Cause you can only do that by having faith in life, your own blood of it aswell.

We do not evolve life of mankind by copying identities of old authority – I want to become a preast, a politician, a doctor or a judge or somebody else, a star of the movies for instance! Oh yes, I say, basicly you want power over the lives of others or simply you own. And that’s how your lousy faith in mankind is in your family. Or at least a story about cultural inheritance in the danish country not to speak in general inspite of the language being english. (Yes, some people think so, when its english-american then its general!!! In effect young people don’t recognize danish ways in time, the folkwit for instance – and then they start to hate the country they live in for being so fucking stupid for not governing itself in general).

But I say: It wasn’t you who chose, you, that is many of you or us just got possesed by a too wellknown recipy to become and seem more trustworthy than others. And it wont work in life-matters, those of cultivating life of society by honest ways of living. I guess it doesn’t become a nicer story too, when we look at the business of medicinal industries and drugs for instance. It is a good business to look trustworthy, oh yes, but what about being it, what about the true word and worth of it, what about being able to cure life by way of healthy living, instead of doing business on illness.

You see you all forget the mechanism of capitalism in your fine studies born by greek-roman institutions which we are not to confirm and evolve that is. Meanwhile people work their asses of for you to look trustworthy or to keep up the socalled society you are talking about in old romantic, rationalistic terms of it. - Can you cure or heal that, dane, can you make some justice come out of that, can you hear the great jesus sharing the bread with the fucked up greek-roman disciples of Plato, Hippocrates, Caisar Nero and roman coins flipped around the Tv aswell!!! OR CAN YOU NOT? ‘Cause if not, then please stop doing such evil things in systematic ways, copying well-known old society into the flesh and blood of man in order for the society to LOOK the same, trustworthy and so fucking forth.

Anyway: If leadership degenerate natural joy in living as it comes foreward with new stuff, truths by heart and the like, everything else degenerate. And that’s sick for sure and has nothing to do with God, Life, not to mention the justice by God, which is only about love and truely honest aswell as good ways of living by faithful heart of it. So on the contrary it has much more to do with too many people following those self-righteous imams of satan, the justisial weight of gold in the name of God and the “holy” growing system of rights due to that. - Can’t you tell the difference? If not, then please shut up and listen, ‘cause Thors hammer is on his way to strike the people in question right in the midle of the chest.

In the next I sum up a bit and repeat in other words.

The analogy to the jewish people here in Denmark is in other words: The old Testamony stands for stories about dealing with the natural blood and drifts of man in his breeding circumstance, that is all the hard stuff aswell – whereas The New Testamony stands for stories about how to do that without making violence out of the strong drifts. Both are to be recognized on their own terms, that is your terms, in your culture and of course in the name of God. I repeat: Mother Mary and her son, Jesus, tell the story about how faith in life, God is a matter of progression, providence coming true. Its not a line of thought, its not a rational way, where one in self-righteous manners can say: I did this and that, so now God is supposed to pay me back for being so and so fucking good. No its a matter of faith, admittance of what happens in your life and to let it find its best brightening way out with your life aswell thereby US, mankind.

The enlightened people in Denmark do in other words not believe in the bible, Jesus Christ or Mother Mary without the common fact of breeding and breathing by flesh and blood where we are and find ourselves. That is: faith in common love by its natural bonds is not an idealism one can put in on beforehand, no its simply the faith by blood in which some of the experiences of life of man the bible describes sound true enough to consider on our own terms, in our own language. Its “just” an awareness of how we are born within good faith of life, how we naturally are connected and can grow by openhearted mind of living, when we stay in tune with such faith of the flesh and blood we are. Thereby naturally also the folkwits of us and exactly also how it progress, indeed also when having the very welcome inspiration from people of other cultures. - A matter the academics by the way don’t have any life-sense of in their doings, why the strife about finding enlightened, that is sustainable ways with learning as evolving life still is very, very important. ‘Cause they can’t. Most of them don’t know, what sustainable education is, because they decline the enlightment by body of us. They mix it up with science and the traditional law-culture of the roman goddess, Justitsia.

But nevertheless: In somewhat that sense the kingdom through the very old movement of honest enlightment got bound to common values of life, those of dignity by flesh and blood of it. And after the kings abandonment of the position of power it became clear what the kingdom was, that is how faithfully the danish house of kings have been working for not first and foremost the country, but the danish people as the country. We are not a jewish people, but we have been strongly influenced by a christianization read and taught in inspiration of the bible. We recognize therefor many issues of natural cultivation, that is our language of faith is very much influenced by the interpretations of the bible, which people within our own culture have delivered. There is dogmas within life, but noone have said how or when they come to expression, which basicly mean that one, that is we all have to stay openhearted aswell as openminded in our own balance of it in order to see, recognize and confirm what still have its most profound, charitable worth within our living. Otherwise the dogmas turn into hardening fundamentalism or idealism governs by old institutions, copy-life.

SO HERE It COMES: The enlightened understanding and common sense arising out of such like more or less danish history is much more than just religious views. And is so for many an old reason, some of which I have mentioned. Though also because the message of Jesus was a story about how people governed by law and dogmas of law, aswell thereby also directed or even sometimes punished by administrators of the law - such societies turn out to be depressing man in general and in the long term issue of cultivation. And indeed that goes for cultures believing in the goddess of Justitsia aswell, especially if the democrazy spiritually seen isn’t efficient enough in making new laws aswell as mediating their issues in order for them to roll along common living of man. Democrazy doesn’t work better than the people commonly live in enlightened, sustainable ways so to speak. One could therefor also say, that we haven’t seen what democrazy can do, when people come to faith and find more organic ways with our living.

If law and systems of law in some way systematicly rules out good faith and natural senses within living, then diseases and war will sooner or latter rise – that is, man being crossed do also leave a sense of that in his ways with life, maybe even his children. Yes and that’s the matter of business called cultural inheritance, which in the longer term perspectiv of life of mankind go deep into natural flesh and blood aswell. How societies are governed, their use of systems, administration and so on are therefore an important issue to pay attention to, evolve aswell as backup from time to time when prosperous breakthroughs happen. Hopefully that way down the road it will even make us realize much more at the faithful roots of it, the societies of mankind evolving. Maybe one could already these days of living on earth say, that democrazy is trying to deal with all the repercussions dictators, bloody wars and so forth in the past have left in the folks we are – leaving us scared, anxious and in mistrust towards living in general. We have to put that aside and believe that we also can do it in terms of finding governmental ways, that works for all of us, that is man within his own culture and climate.

But anyway, what I’m here saying is in other words how the honest quest for freedom come to protestantic expression aswell as pronouncing the core element in all the well-know liberties within the western countries. Allthough I do recognize, that issues of liberty and freedom have become much too sickening as far as they are not understood in terms of faith by flesh and blood of common man, in the providence of mankind to evolve honestly, good and common ways. The duty at heart is not a bad thing, though it might get much too mixed up with the idealistic one of state-culture or too big systems forgetting, that they are not God or made by Him so to speak. Our natural surrounding is one of life by breed and mankind in that sense and not the universe or whole wide world.

In one sentence: We wish a faith to evolve that gives man, every person the most honest, truely freedom in living mankind – but by heart of it, God, Life, that is. Because otherwise it wont become sustainable, durable for all of us to prosper from. Gods Life is to our concern organic, a breathing living organism within which we have a place as man and can evolve His wish by being and staying faithfully put. We do also therefore wish people in general to recognize the borders, the limits within life of mankind, yes the most honest living of it. Man is either a plant, nor an animal. In other words the outer borders and limits by law is a thing telling us, that we are not yet capable of living by way of natural equality, sharing the bread instinctively as man of Gods heart. Nevertheless: Thats the sight, the providence in life of man – evolving sense by body and the honestly heard voice of it in the name of God. And to let that become the guidance of society to evolve by.

And no, it most certainly do not mean: Fucking around with everybody. - But if it happens or some just might feel so, nevertheless thats still not a matter of punishment, but much more a matter of how the reveeled senses of honest man has been depressed by law-religious ways of cultivation. Thereby degenerating us, making man seeking back to his most original understanding and sense of balance in every common matters of life. - The cultural movement of peace, love and understanding was in many ways such an issue, seeking our natural senses of love by body of it, instead of blindly following the ones generated by cultural inheritance of institutions of law and hopeless ways of academic educations. In Denmark the rebels of year 68 were very much to be understood as young people feeling depressed by the prospects of growing up in a culture of systems generating politics and stupied wars. – Nevertheless it doesn’t seem to have been recognized as a matter of life yet. Perhaps due to their lack of disciplin and lack of faith in the old movement of enlightment, which I believe gave rise to it in the first place. Not all of the old cultural inheritance is to be dismissed or even pissed upon. The movement of love, peace and understanding ran so to speak out of the bible through its common cultural breed. Mostly I think they were protestanticly inclined – by feeling the innocence of young life - but anyway one could also just speak about that period of time as an opening of mankind. It was a recognition of mankind being a breathing organism – given voice to by the heart of children and young people all over the world.

The land of Denmarks is so to speak mankind, the bit of it we are. And that’s where we specifically depart from the jewish, that is, we do not own the land or should I say its not the point at issue as I believe it is in the jewish-palastine conflict. The land is not specifically a part of our faith in living, though of course it is a very old history within our bodies adjusted to the climate aswell. - We are no better, that’s not what I’m trying to say, we just don’t have the conflict of nobel breed or a chosen breed. Traditionally speaking in terms of the danish folkwit there is a big difference between jewish who acknowledge Jesus Christ and those who don’t realize him as a matter of progression in faith of man. And due to that, the way we once have been enligthened/christianized, I mean by the folkwit of it with all its different reminiscences coming from completely other issues of circumstance within our history – due to that, we also tend to understand Islam as a law-religion in somewhat the same manner as The Old Testamony once was practised in jewish land, if not still. The lineage of the kings house in Denmark is not a chosen one by God, but a story about the old chief who won the hearts around in the country in prospects of peace between different tribes. Only afterwards came christian worth of values within faith of the word exactly as the flesh to Denmark.

To some enlightened people in the western countries, that is seen on the depicted background to some degree coming through within this text: Islam aswell as hardcore jewish readings of The old Testamony suffers from what we recognize as the greek-roman idealism. Yes, which we to some degree, I’d say in many ways suffers from. Last mentioned is of course giving sound to my errand of life, which is mostly concerned with the living in Denmark, because I believe all of us have to deal with the world in terms of our nearby living and not the other way around. Nevertheless the recognition of the suffering mentioned wether it be by law-religion the traditional fundamentalistic ways of dogmas – or the one of modern, greek-roman idealism having some of the same very bad mechanisms of dogmas going on within it aswell. But nevertheless I say its a consequence of universalistic rationality, interpretations of living read into not only the skies, but even into the deadly cold air of the universe – that is such ways with rationality not admitted clearly enough on terms with our common worth and sense of living on earth within our cultures by body of it. Bad ways with rationality is projection, whereas good ways with rationality serve the ends of living life of Joy, dealing with issues of nourishment for all of us to prosper from. I repeat: indeed the bad one-way-rationality that goes with exploration of the world and univers thereby spreading languages to administrate the same issues!!! Yes, while forgetting the little life we are and the tongue of our own not so powerful though we thereby might give sound to very firm and mild wishes being much more in contact with a peaceful life of joy to proceed.

Aswell I guess the so sadly depressed jewish people having felt themselves being hunted all around the world, whereever they go, as they also have been in some way, oh yes - but I mean to say, they have also been taking the romantic state-ideas of goverence by law of justice in by name of the jewish state. Seen from my perspective that can only generate a sad mess in the folkwit, having both dogmas of traditional fundamentalism as also modern idealism going “hand-in-hand”. I mean, unfortunately not heart in heart in order to brighten it all up. Seen as such, yes, because I recognize simular conflicts in our state of mind, the state of Denmark, when it comes to having an adequate understanding of how society works or not in perspectives of living cultivation. Untill now the societies of the world have suffered from ideas of government that give growth in dualisms, opposites, instead of keeping it down, finding peaceful ways of mediating and levelling it out, yes finding balance with such like spirits seemingly in opposition towards one another. Simply learning how to live on good terms with the life-natural ones, the two sexes of man for instance. The common dualisms within life are not to become matters of punishment or war, but admitted as natural, organic dynamics – whereas dualisms, oppositions within terms of the made up cultural country- or worldinstitutions basicly are to be ignored. The state-government or EU for instance can’t tell me, when I’m supposed to fart and so it goes within all the natural issues of finding balance by dealing with matters of pressure. Natural matters, which always make an either-or-situation to the people engaged, if not dealt with in time so to speak. No, you can’t deal with natural matters in the mirrors, the microscopes, the macroscopes, monoculars and so forth. No, you can’t deal with matters of pressure instrumentally – you see, the man with the whip doesn’t get these funny red stribes on his own back!!! No, he might just, just, just, justified be following orders at the end of the instrument of goverence!!! Is he born stupid by Gods heart of mankind or what? – Please repeat what you are whispering jewish military, danish military, american military and groups of milits all over the world, what’s your answer young men: Are you born stupid by heart of life? Do you wanna fuck with God and His wish for mankind on earth? There is nothing to justify killing or punishing a man, so why are you taking orders from nothing? Do you only believe in something, when the gun of power is in your hand?

(((The state-idea has to let the democrazy arise by the voice of common man, the common faith we have got by natural body so to speak. That’s also the issue of human rights, though they and rights as such are not and still cannot be a matter of claim by power. They are just something to evolve in right ways of living, lifting faith up among us by letting a recognition of them have their impact on us: Give the honest sense of common man his right by heart of it and nothing more so to speak - ‘cause that will do it and then we dance together right across the old borders wether or not we totally disagree on some issues so to speak. Its love by acknowledging the same drifts within us. And otherwise the state of laws can not be distinguished from old religious law-culture, pushing the same botton of old cultural inheritance within the blood of us. Which to me seem to be the case in the middle-east. The core-faith in western folkwit is, that we basicly all have the same right of living by flesh and blood of it – allthough, yes inspite of the fact, that we haven’t yet found a sustainable way to live that way in all aspects. USA for instance is a very tolerant society seen from the fact of being a quite new country, which specifically have had to deal with matters of discrimination, races, religion and so forth. You will find people from any culture on earth in USA and that’s unique. So please, all of you: Cheer up and laugh at us being man and not God - ‘cause we are all in aswell as somehow in the same mess))). - I repeat: The enlightened people in the west do not believe in matters of reading, understanding by ways of rational rule, law, rationality, not at the cost of common heart of man in his alive sense of being, wishing and praying to find a way out with love of God, we specifically all have in common. To do a joyful living so to speak. Do you understand?

Ways of living nourished by following rules or law in fear of doing something wrong leave out the honest, open senses we all got by heart as innocent children of God. And then they can’t evolve, come foreward so that we can learn to recognize them, disciplin them in good manners and so forth. In effect man become too inward, might evolve in only inward ways which can become hard idealism, fundamentalism and so forth suddenly bursting outwards in a sense completely out of proportions. Aswell thereby neglecting the wonderful senses of being alive, reaching out for each other. And also inspite of us sometimes getting a boink in our head of spirit for realizing our own lack of confidence in the honesty within other people. Do you understand, man is also wonderful crazy about the spirit of love and faith that can cross borders. He can’t help it, so why should he, afterall we are all here and all ear.

Back to Denmark. We do not have a noble breed anymore. At least not one, that can justify anything. Still though as far as there may still be people of nobel old breed, it might qualify something in terms of specifically understanding danish history of culture. And that’s a good thing, because they can tell us something about how we once nourished some tradition of disciplin and manners, which weren’t that stupied in many aspects of living. – Yes, we indeed also have our camels to swallow, for instance one could say, that the nobel breed in Denmark have turned into institutions claiming to be objective outside of the prospects of common man living!!! In other words the dreadful inheritance of platonic rationalism, science, technology and so forth.

To close this issue of being a land anyway: We are not a people in the rationalistic sense of it, we are a Fatherland, old chiefs agreeing on peace between fathers, brothers of peace and love first and foremost in the duty of taking care in their women and children. The fatherland nevertheless is not stressed in terms of the land, the danish country, but in terms of inheritance by flesh and blood of mankind – its the recognition of the common thing: To be a father participating in his withborn duties as such, yes among which the acknowledgement of boys and men to become fathers of faithful love in mankind is very important to society in general. Aswell as important to women, so they can learn how to recognize the same from their withborn perspective, being a mother. The Fatherland goes hand in hand with The Motherland in the equal faith of God, that is. Yes, us having a personal heart in mankind wether we are man or woman or child.


The admittance of good work of cultures, people giving birth to new ways by breath of being. Diversity in terms of breed and breathing life allround is important for cultures to stay alive. Otherwise specific breed or groups can harden up and become a privilleged class as known all the way back to the romantics of Rome and furtheron back to the greeks. - I don’t know this shit well-enough in terms of danish culture, the history of it is too profound and heartaching for me to dive into as I do it by heart of it and not by reading. Its also hard to do in english by the way.

So let me say: The house of the kings is enough as core-breed, the liniage in Denmark. And wether you are more or less closer to it, anyway so be it, because the work enlightened honest people from time to time have done in the name of God pays of in the sense, that the dignity of living is not bound by history of breed, position or social status as such. NO, its bound by heart of feeling man - and in that sense the freedom of expression is given by God aswell nomatter who’s talking. Not all leaders lack the feeling of honest man being of most importance for the society of life to evolve by trust - and certainly not our Queen, the house of Kings.

I confirm: That’s specifically the work done by enlightened people, people loving man and believing that society can evolve and learn how to live openminded aswell as openhearted in the prospect of sharing what we’ve got. Learn how to take the heat out of bad spirits about to turn into violence, though not by force and not by neglecting the bad spirits – because originally they weren’t bad, but good potentials that got declined by people of no spirits whatsoever, the rationalism by way of copy. In other words bad spirits are to be seen as the ways a given society depresses some people. Therefor they are to be recognized, yes in order not to go on in ways of cultural inheritance, the enviroment turning into the flesh and blood of us. And exactly too a fatal degree if not cured by the honest and goods spirits we’ve got aswell, that is if we do not find sustainable ways of living, working and so forth. Paradise is us breathing in balance with the organism of life, living a good life and then dying in the satisfaction of knowing that life was good and worth living while - which mean that we have to evolve organic ways again instead of technology, the spirit of iron, metal, gold, money turning us into blunt people.

Speaking of that issue you also find people feeling very depressed, when the freedom of expression is declined by force, that is when you either are told to shut up or simply are shut up out of fear. – To speak is an action, because it tells us how it goes in general by sound of it, how our wellbeing is as personal representatives of mankind and not only as egocentric individuals. To an important honest degree of it you can’t hide behind your voice, which in effect means, that you expose some of your honest being, thereby also the conflicts within your life aswell as the culture you live in. You can’t hide from Life, God and his mankind. And it’s not without problems at all. For instance I guess it can be a problem that speaking has become an action in the sense, that some people tend to say it all, leaving no ears behind for others to lend in order to be heard!!!

Freedom of speech or freedom of expression is not necessarily whats going on in the well-known medias, I mean its not a technocratic right one’s got by law to do business by – but something to honour in time, before what you have at heart to say becomes violent to the people next to you. I guess one could say, that claiming ones right in terms of freedom of expression by simply doing it one must have something at heart to say of common importance to man. If its many or few is not the question.

So, yes, in effect of the beliefs in the word of God becoming true in man, in fact becoming his flesh and blood aswell as thereby his faithful living ways with society, all in all the way it goes looking at the bright side of it and in concern of people next to you too - yes taking all that into consideration I believe such like matters are the main reason for us to care about our mother-language aswell. So that’s also an issue. Our mother-language makes the borders of our people more than the geographical one, aswell as it opens up an understanding and feeling of the flesh and blood we are. Writing now in english for instance, I get much closer to the mind of the english and american – thereby also feeling some of their sorrows. Yes, so as mentioned before I’m looking foreward to see them learning danish as their second language!!! – (Language without common sense of life is not speaking).

I was going to say, that we also have to recognize spirit and faith in the body of life on other terms than those of language making out minds and feelings by mindships, idealism, subjects of science, politics and so on. The chinese tradition of tai-chi for instance can help on that issue. At least the christianized west also have to come to an understanding of faith from the other direction: Not just going from the word to understanding and sensing the body of life, but also the other way from body to word. Otherwise the voice wont be heard and acknowledged as an expression of honest man in the name of God, that is at the bottom sense of it. Tao is the word which cannot be told. Yes and that’s what some people heard in Jesus, I guess also Muhammed – the love of life in man, alive by Gods hand as the personal body we are born within, born to be and evolve our lives in tune with.

What God gave us was life and love within being alive, born as we are. And towards that some of us feel very grateful, to me specifically including the Kingdom of Denmark, people I dearly love all around the country - whereas the idealistic people of the state-buildings not aware of life, yes, they are already dead aswell as spreading diseases by way of fascistic proceedures of cultivation by school. Its sad. In Denmark children are used in the way, that they become an argument for the work of many people due to the school-system being one of a neverending discussion of political state-system or more or less academic science. At least in my sense forgetting to nourish the body of sense.

We have to evolve, admit the enlightened forces within the good work we have done sofar – and find other ways to mediate it than by way of law and systems paying some people at the cost of others, because they have been read into it so to speak. And meanwhile the main-issue still is not being one of money or of being equal in terms of money. Enlightened forces are honest spirits by body, so they can only be mediated by a persons way of living aswell. I say: You can’t make written truths become the spirit of the flesh and blood of man – and certainly not in some far out idealistic perspectives of citizenship, teaching everybody to coordinate each other. On the contrary you thereby deform the natural spirit of man, which in effect become mutations of his body in the longer term perspectives of cultivation. That’s what you do, many of you academic pigs in universitarian state-tradition deriving from Plato and Aristoteles!

So are you ready to pay by way of your own school-systems of justice, mathematics, hippocrates and so on? Am I to cut out your heart in order to make you see it? And yes-yes, I might suffer from reminiscenes of the ways you teach, have cultivated a whole western people – but I do not lie and young people are on their way to repeat your fucking idiocrazy, which also by the way abandon the prospects of enlightening democrazy, because you are simply to stupid to recognize the honest truths of enlightened forces within our common people exactly due to being neglected by your way ever since the old greeks. You don’t live in our time, that is the flesh and blood in all eternity, following the natural evolvement by way of the body admitting the common, honest truths that way thereby leading new well-nourished ways. You stay in administrative procedures to have it your own traditional way of techne by rules of law, your own laws that is.

In other words, that’s the reason for me telling so now since we still have awfull and ackward feelings towards the state, leadership by power of technology/technocrazy and fear of punishment in terms of law. You see leaving out or neglecting the valuable work of enlightened people in terms of spiritual understanding of common love in man from the early days on, letting it evolve further on from there aswell – but I say leaving out that spirit aswell as sight of goal simply makes the democratic state a social-democratic state or one of academic wits, mathematical bank-people aswell, which in effect work out on peoples neck just as clean-cut top-leading communism or socialism. At least leaving a somewhat polluted air of hierachies and organisations striving to be on top on one another thereby ruling out the clear air of common ground.

I recognize so to speak the fascism of all the the western state-cultures by the tradition of rationality, that is when its not seen as only one kind of spirit. Surely there is rational abilities within life of man, but its not supposed to become detached from common faith and way of living by body of man. And it does very much so by the systems we work within. Nevertheless I recognize such matters about state-culture, that is when they forget the spirit and issues of life in the cultural history we live by aswell therefore are bound to confirm the best of and evolve happily within – and not so much by argument, but by being mild, finding new sustainable ways with life, indeed education aswell. The body of history is the body, so you/WE can’t evolve with life by putting man in reference to history, time – no, you first and foremost have to admit it the other way around by your body of it so to speak. Ground cero. Life is before the system, the well-known, and in that way always in front of it, but if the new testamonies within living people, living society are not recognized by faith we not only don’t prosper from that but even degenerate. Simply start the hell of paste and copy in terms of our living blood.

Man is not to copy his dad (and mum) or anybody else, but learn from him (and her) aswell as anybody else by being faithful, admitting the honest feelings that arise due to getting by with the man next to you within life of God for you.

Speaking internationally: The EU, FN and the world-business as such is moving much too fast, when they just copy and paste state-systems on a higher level. In other words its “only” a typical platonic projection of the agony within our commonly known bad inheritance from the greek-roman tradition. We, here in Denmark had elections on the issue of becoming a member of EU, they were fifty-fifty among the people, though a bit more saying Yes. Yes always win in Denmark, because afterall we are quite social people – some too much – but it was also because we are connected to the continent of Europe and in general don’t want to isolate ourselves from matters of concern in mankind. To us at first it most of all was a matter of taking part in the issue of stability within Europe. Anyway, still one can say that half of the danish people don’t believe in EU, which is quite confusing. Denmark said yes, but some didn’t and I suppose they meant, what they said – for how long does a yes count, when we speak in terms of matters having no acknowledgement of life in all eternity going on!!!

I say and wish to give expression to the fact, that we have to realize and admit, believe in finding sustainable ways of living by ourselves, within our respective countries, before messing around with subjects of the whole wide world. In other words: If we forget the issue of cultivation within our countries, our people - then the world-institutions lead man away from his nearby living and then we cannot progress in sustainable ways. Cross-cultural ways of exchange are important, though not to become matters of power or administration. The expectations towards the world-institutions have to come down to earth or one could say, that they must show, that love is to conquer us all in terms of sharing the bread, nourishing good faith in living and so forth. Meetings are matters of understanding the sense in mankind and let good feelings about it come foreward across cultural differences.

To some degree one can say, that the representatives of countries not are to be seen as political or scientific representatives or simply as people of different races – no, they are much more representatives of common faith in mankind. The spiritual leaders around the globe are to see the common acknowledgement of man to evolve that way and not by power or specific cultural traditions of science or policy. Global warming for instance is totally ridiculous if not seen in accordance with a living of man, breathing by organic ways and not in terms or questions of power or to have his honour or right in terms of stupied science. Global warming is a matter of sustainable living and the academic traditions don’t know what that is, they don’t evolve sustainable ways of teaching spirit by body in order to cool down the heat of global warming - as if we were given the power to make the globe turn the other way around. For more than 30 years it has been known, what the limits of the megalonimaniac academic tradition is in matters of understanding and realization of proportion. And that’s a fact, though not recognized yet.

In some sense its a new thing to realize academic tradition to be idealisticly turning the withborn sense of man around – and to be specific by giving him the responsibility of turning the globe the other way around, the world. If he can’t do that, he wont pass his exam in order to become a member of the tax-payroll. I repeat: Its a law-religious sect leaving mans mind in concern of the world at the cost of his life. In Denmark at least they have been told so many times for so many years, though without paying attention to it. - They want to know, what they can do better, but they can’t do better and that’s what they are obliged to acknowledge in honest ways. They live on tradition and gives the shit in new testamonies coming from every single little boy and girl here on earth, whom of which already have solved their complex mysteries on beforehand.

In particular speaking of the academic, too rationalisticly born state of Denmark a quite clever man more than twenty years ago strongly participated in the common issue of letting an enlightened democratic society evolve by underlining the fact of reasoning, that a tax-state, a state of much too high taxes as the danish one will give people getting their income that way a not equal interest in the sight of goal, which the law in the first place were, still is meant to serve. Specifically not equal to the ones, who has got to work for their pay on capitalistic terms, those of the market. Wether it be other aspects than money or not isn’t the main issue, no the issue is a matter of truth in terms of thinking and living. - He got jail for life, because he proved the insanity of the socalled system in scientific ways. That is in another sense of it: the academics fucked their own responsibility in the matter of cultivation. And that’s basicly how they are. Its not, that they don’t want to mediate something, they just don’t acknowledge the media within which mediation is taking place: The liniage of mankind and his way of living in the name of God.

One can say many things to the example mentioned: Why participate, why tell the truth, when the fucking idiots of justice, rational thinking don’t have an honest heart. The man in question was christian and he was faithful to the king, but you see, that’s simply how platonic, academic state-idealism by law is. Principles of administration and law can never hold a population back and when they do they will sooner or latter have to deal with all the things they oppress in order to keep up the false truths based on lie, unfaithful hearts. When a man speak up in accordance with the specific course of dealing with common society in its evolvement – and get punished for it, then its not only he, who is punished, but simply the motive. Gods wish for people nourishing such beliefs in terms of love in law and the necessity of punishment as mentioned that way: They will burn up in hell and so will whatever they touch. Oh yes, but we have to admit it by joy and turn it around by the duty of keeping up enlightening the mechanism in people, that certain institutions create by their cultivation of people in general. Which is exactly what the liberty in the democratic process is meant to do aswell. And furthermore: Especially when it moves to the level above countries. On that level its not countries you represent, but the faith in mankind. The main-issue is not to have it your way, have your own will or to believe in academic reports saying how the universe is a threat to mankind, if we don’t do gods creation by correcting his mistakes!!! You are not to administrate whatsoever on the level above countries though to let cultural exchange take place in terms of faith.

State-culture is platonic fascism or you could say fascism generated by egyptic-greek-roman rationality. Pure rationalism of emptiness, mathematics. – Here, to my home-country-concern it makes people forget the Kingdom of Denmark aswell as the dignity of striving for enligthened, openhearted ways with life through common faith of common things in living and not the biiipy whole wide world. The people of Denmark have simply departed from the sense of honest love in mankind on danish ground due to the constitution of the state of Denmark in hands of an academic-political tradition. And those who live by it, they don’t have the sense of thinking us a way out of it as they do not honour the truth in life in terms of danish culture. They are, what I guess you can call wanna-bees of no honest faith in the organic, breathing organism of enlightenend, reveeled life.


Anyway to round all this up in repetition by other expressions of the same faith: We have no kingdom of power, but only one of love and dignity by flesh and blood. In fact the kingdom of Denmark stand by the people, that is with the wonder of life, the true roots of it in its evolvement. We are in other words growing up by the roots from the under of life, thereby also our lives and the society most people usually are born and bred within, their country, climate and so forth. And then, I add to stress my point of view, we are doing so in faith of life in general, that is also commonly in sight of life to become strongly loverable in work aswell as softly living throughout all life, with neighbours and so forth. Do I express myself clearly enough?

The Kingdom of Denmark is bound to the living interpretation or sense of mankind evolving by its circumstance of flesh and blood. We do not have a christian state, though we have got a christianized people, at first catholicly taught, latter on protestanticly taught – and all in all on the background of being wikings directly hearing the call by our King and the closely related neighbours of our little Kingdom. (((It’s not quite true what I’m saying here though, not as far as the constitution of the Danish State explicitly have a paragraph mentioning, that the laws of the danish state-buildings support the lutheran interpretation of the evangelic texts, the bible. The book which by the way thank god is not more holy than life itself here in Denmark. The common church of Denmark therefore, unfortunately still are under goverence of hot air, windy policy and academic, reading culture in general. I’m sorry to say so, but I think of it as a complete mess of rationality, stupied academic tradition believing in knowing, but not knowing by being in true faith of God the natural way))).

So it is with the ear of the danish wekingdom, it has to be there to preserve our basic instincts of life, where we live - but also due to the fact, that the premise, the conditions of democrazy was and still is: To keep up enlightening, openminded ways, durable glad and happy ways with life. And specifically not idealistic, universitarian or universal ones such as those founded by greek-roman academics, science in general and justitsial assholes not knowing what the roman goddess of justitsiass stands for, which is: The weight of gold, inorganic measurements of judgement called objective outside of the prospects of life evolving in truely faithful ways in general. Aswell as from thereon putting a little bit of the myth of psyche, the myth of envy into it and giving people not following the pace of idiotic rules - as they do not get their pay by doing so – I mean projecting guilt upon common people due to their lower breed of inacademic “psyche”!!! A thing, a myth that isn’t there in danish in the first place. Hello, there is no psyche outside of the academic state-institutions!

Yes I just simply say to those of you in question on danish ground: Fuck you, who do that, having no honesty in danish life striving for evolving and liberating our truely strong spirit of peaceful living by flesh and blood of it. You are what could be called pathetic traitors and to me personally, as a common man aswell you represent the spirit of satan. The platonic buildings within our society either close down voluntarily or something else will happen.

Justice has always been caught up by policy and technocrazy in Europe, which also means that scientific mentality, the search for truth in that way is the consequence of justitsial cultivation aswell as the other way around, making people follow the justice of reasoning and to live that way by fear of punishment in the faith of blablabla, endless political or scientific, technological hopes as if they were the force keeping the society of life together, not to say as if they were the force of faith letting any soothing new spirits evolve. Yes, I’m simply just saying, that the danish people never have understood danish culture or life in any perfect way. Of course not – but to be more specific, in fact never got truely enlightened by being reveeled in the most open sense of it, the one that goes with your body being born as a gift of Joy to work with. Nevertheless they never will be by way of systems of written or read, then spoken words of no faith taking over the goverence of life in common.

Now you pay with your life, that is if you want to claim justice way above common people living by faith, giving you their income inspite of you telling them to follow your rules of reason, oh, oh, ho, ho, ho so true or what? Don’t you think the blood of faithful common life don’t recognize the difference?

The word is the flesh and if you can’t hear the old wiking-swing of Thors hammer, Mjølner, it has to teach you, what the reasoning of the self, the logic of the self means. You see, your little toy-hammer, justitsial brainwashed political people in the name of psyche, its not worth a dime, a penny or an ear, when it comes down to the meeting between the mythology of the greek-roman, that is the institutions you keep on constructing and destructing life by – the meeting between that and the mythology of the wekings by flesh and blood of us. Which side are you on, the one of flesh and blood in the northsea and baltic sea area or the one of romantic spirits leading nowhere? I ask you, in what media do you read, understand, sense, admit the truth by heart in perspective of the welfare in our countries, where we live? In what media do you teach, do you learn and evolve honestly good living under the circumstance of the culture and climate you’re in?

Anyway - in fact the protestantic movement in Europe broke through by the sincere and faithful common german man, Luther. He came so to speak out of an old german tribe. But he lead the message through to common knowledge, that is the gift of freedom by faith in love born anew by body of us the natural enlightening way. Nothing is ruled out in the providence of God-Life to evolve His/its way with mankind aswell. So he did so by way of his continuing feel of personal obligation to believe in God, Life and man within it – starting out to teach in terms of faith and spirit latter on aswell. He did so by believing in the word of the holy bible, which I’d say was his compromise at that time.

Yes, because I don’t believe the words of the bible are more important than the Word of Life in mans living – allthough to some it might be hard to recognize the last mentioned without the first. Especially when it comes to the language of faith in European-western culture. Anyway to me that’s living faith telling you exactly the same thing as Jesus once did. God is not a matter of rule or following a specific rule, but a matter of being alive by heart of Him, his organic creation, his wish for us to overcome whatsoever the trouble is by holding on to the honest sense of common living: food, shelter, propagating, staying friendly neighbours, water, household, farming, skills of craftmanship, teachings of faith going alongside body-ways of sustainable awareness, acknowledgement and so on. By admitting the most common issues within living, which to be more specific very much is a matter of honest love and overall faith in it to conquer our ways with one another aswell the work in staying alive, yes, I believe that to be the way of personal life evolving mankindly societies).

Afterwards we departed from the faith of the latin governmentship of the word in the bible, which the catholic church untill then stood for. That is at the time of Luthers reformation back in the 16th century. It was the organisation of the catholic roman church, that made his call for protest. But more important I think it was as it was with the catholic church due to their fight with the platonic systems of justice, concept of justice and the state of power from the early days on.

Now I believe we go together again, because the protestantic world also forgot to protect the innoscence of love, paying the guilty part and the responsibility within living too much attention. The catholics where right in seeing, that the greek-roman maybe even jewish tradition of power and justice would put too much stress on the matters of guilt and punishment, thereby forgetting to look for innocence in order to heal, in order to learn anything whatsoever to the better.

The protestantic western world suffers from that fact, I think. In my view that’s also the reason why for instance the globalization suffers from a lot of false world-pictures, concepts of the world created by science of enlightment. Those of thinking in causes and effects, not to mention money or whatever without realizing how guilt and innoscence go together. When they come in question that is and not all the time – and then only in terms of personal life of man, mankind and the way one lives by heart of it. Who is to judge that, do you recall!!!? – Answer: The honesty of God, the natural movements by the truth of life within our being alive. And that way also depending on us being honest about the major issues, the general aspects of living and behaving, that makes truely new ways with living life evolve to be confirmed by the old ones. Thereby we rise from the dead, that is learn more about how true spirit of life can judge between the living and the dead of it. The striving of our forefathers, oh yes, they clap their hands and sing in a great choir, when we understand, realize or see how we are truely alive and reveeled in the most common way. We will not get it or progress without seeking honest ways for our nowliving lives, nourishing the faithful living by wonder of life as such.

We are not meant to copy, but to cope with an ear for, how life of man bottomline has always been good, simply by being given life to see. Yes, I believe we are given God/Life to see by faith of Him/it. But we are not there yet in our ways with living, that is recognizing the inorganic satan, when his bad spirit gets too close and tends to spread among us, often leaving somebody devastated behind. Gold for instance and the continuing iron-age of technology, making the hands and body of men a poor thing to have and know how to use – that’s for example an issue of satan, which has also been heard in the complaints of union-workers for more than an century:

You want machines, measurements of time, effectivity, productivity in scientific ways in order to pay us, so that we can keep the laws of the country, ok, fine businessmen and bank-people, tax-state and so forth. So be it, but who pay the bills of alcoholic families, children raised in hell and psychopatic tendencies in low-life shit spreading all over the country? Do you copy: The prisons are waiting for you now, businessman, politicians, bankpeople, all of you, who keep up that order of society calling it many, many good names – but not even one by the honest truth of your ugly life demanding other peoples life to be something of the past. Pigs of life is in that sense, what you are by heart of it. Congratulation, oink, oink, now we wait for you to clean it up, though we already have guessed, that you are innocenct to the bone of everything and nothing as far as many of you don’t even know what guilt in the only thing that matters is, that of true love, true faith and the acknowledgement of it in time and not when the avalanche of satan roll down into the heart of children, the next generation. You have worshipped the weight of justice, that of equality in profitable motives, fine, ok, so now we look foreward to see you live for a century on the conditions we have lived, fucking bastards!!!

So you see, in other words the western world suffers from not being enlightened by love born out of the life in common and it still have the trouble of admitting what ways of thinking and believing turn the gutts out on us, creating fear and anxity. It is not healthy to think too much, many people agree and even know better ways away from that habbit. But the thing is that the institutions of the west are founded on pure imaginable ways of thinking, therefore tend to use too much power to uphold such stupidity of false teorism. In fact the huge amount of ressources the western style of living make use of to feel just a little bit comfortable is due to false mentality, one created by sorrows. Its like the black holes, which the natural sciences speak of. They are said even to be able to suck all the light in – and of course they say so, because their truths are not considering the light of life, the truth by heart of man. Products deriving from a tradition of reasoning like that of course work as a black hole swallowing all the natural light, we have got and were suppose to confirm otherwise. The light of the truth can only be seen in a synthesis in between the light of the world and the light of life – and that makes it spiritually, that is something to sense by body, our heart in order for us to prosper from the light of the world and not the other way around selling out the light of life in order to brigthen of a world of no God, no man. The lights of our lives are to brighten up around the basic, natural, organic issues of growth and nourishment to our concern – and nothing more.

Furthermore that can only be done by keeping grounded as a common man of love aswell, love here also just meaning heart, to stay in touch of ones heart, the condition of life and wellbeing within it. The honest truth can never be departing man from the common bonds of life, the common drifts and the ways it has always been here on earth in terms of the constitution of our body. But if we don’t grow by recognition or admittance of such common facts, then we do not grow societies in peaceful ways, then we do not learn how our own behavoir or beliefs, recognitions are confirming sustainable ways with the living of life. It doesn’t mean that new things can’t happen, but it does mean that whatever happens, then we know around which issues man find himself so to speak. Take Germany for instance in their successful upbuilding of their country after the second world war. When something or somebody fall apart then man is first and foremost bound to build it up again on new grounds, then only afterwards he might get the opportunity to grasp, admit and harvest from his experiences within living. If he doesn’t do that, the last mentioned, then mankind wont prosper from it and in effect fall back, repeat the mechanisms that made him/it fall in the first place. Faith and love is demanding in order to learn and admit betters ways, even though we might fall again or even inspite of that.

So in the west people burn out by thinking simply because it very easily become illegal not to, you constanly have to think of how to survive in the traffic so to speak, which of course is a dead end making the size of your brain a matter of competition. You constantly have to think in order to pay attention to the rules in question and it is sickening. In other words, the paradigm of the brain as the govering spirit of society might finally have come to an end. As I sometime say, now the brainwashing institutions are about to bear their responsibility of abandoning the heart for 2009 years, yes to hear, what they have overheard for so long by keeping on obeying the future, instead of life within all eternity. That is as least so if they want to keep up the degenerating illusion of justice by brainpower and technocrazy.

The poor-rich american people – mind me for saying so as far as I also understand them as once forced out by the poverty of old platonic, aristo-teles-cratic Europe. In many ways they haven’t had a chance to understand their lives in the light of its common cultural roots by blood of it so to speak. I was visited by some relatives and it surely was a very nice meeting. And there are many of such stories at heart among us common people. – So forgive me for saying as I do, not knowing the whole wide world about it, no, I just realize, that they had to start out from scratch, from their dreams. Common dreams of the poor young man and woman of Europe - but then also, one should say in their great richness and strenght of hope in finding a way with life in a totally different climate. At first they met an indian country, people still living in nomadic ways with no cities, no houses. Latter on they grew up in the skies due to striving up, up, up the hard way. And that way they grew into the whole wide world, because I’d say they learned much about the stuff old Europe have found so hard to admit: Justice by the weight of gold. And did so in a land with seemingly no end to opportunity, wherefore the end of the spirit of justice neither were recognized. In times of expansion there is no end to nothing.

I mean they have learned many things on their own by prospering from the old european inheritance in profitable, expanding ways meanwhile also realizing their history of experience on the fact, that no sustainable values or ways with life are to come out of that central issue of western-middleeastern inheritance. Exploitation, money, technology and power – and punishment for disturbing the peace of that!!! There is no true justice in capitalistic societies due to what I’m here trying to say, no, not as far as it is the other way around. The tradition of roman justice by law cultivate life in disgusting ways of self-righteousness and power to make everything true wether it is or not. Technology and technocrazy are only compromises in our more or less wronging effort to solve the inheritance of idealism runing in the mind as: 1, 2 and then 3. Its a reminiscent of the ancient Egypts, the mathematical mind and way of reasoning when parred with organic growth simply blow any sense out of mankind. And that’s why christianity came.

The message of Christ, the love in manchild told us, that 1,2 and then 3 were to be admitted, seen and mainly understood in terms of life: The Father, the Son and the Holy spirit - which simply is the protestantic pronouncement of the natural progression within life of man in name of God. In that sense rationality got bound to serve the indisputable common life-issue, you are aswell. But also in the prospect of turning rationality into faith, spiritual abilities, sense and common sense – the holy spirit among us. That means a society around our natural breeding and breathing bodyways in work with life. And it’s also called the Fatherland. Mother Mary, she was the honest Motherland that gave birth and faithful support to that truth aswell in the name of God. (Which means that the message is back in one; there is no conflicts between catholics and protestants in the enlighted way of life for man/woman, who are to share and support each other in their faith of finding their personal way. And do it together, when they give birth to children. If one is single the brotherhood of man, the faith in God that nourish man living under the same sky, on the same earth still counts).

I think that is being recognized all over the world these years. I hope so, because we cannot just repeat all the old experiences or ways with living. No in fact their might be light ahead telling us, that mankind as a WE is first to become true these years. And that demands a breathtaking admittance of faith allround - which suddenly are seen not to have being nourished within the technocratic societies of the west. Ups. The stupid mass-buildings by law, mass-industries and so forth, yes the masses thought the church did that. When the church was still in the society the function of faith were also in society, that’s how people think due to the cultivation that follows rationality by law-systems, technocrazies and money-systems, technologies. They don’t know the truths of life by faith and bodyspirit of it anymore and do not understand, that the main ground that give rise to freedom on broader terms explicitly derives from people having nourished such faith in God and mankind.

The good spirit in the west comes from enlightening activities, that use joy, humour, bodyways of wellbeing, also the one of simply being nice and to behave and the like. And they are to be seen in the light of what I’m here saying. The recognition of common truths by body of us gives man an opportunity to recognize the same in other people thereby opening doors in between us, so we can work together around the common issues of living aswell as on the samefound for the future to prosper from.

So anyway it was not the core-issue of western-middle-eastern culture/people to make profit on whatsoever. And it still isn’t. I mean, generally speaking the americans do wish and hope love to conquer our ways with living on earth though they can’t do it alone - and not even if they try, no ‘cause noone, no country alone can do Gods wish for mankind completely alone on his/their own. We all wish the best for us to happen and that wish is important to learn much more about, live and grow mild insights on by way of common living and sharing what we’ve got the most honest ways we can.

That’s about how I see it. The behavoir of America is european on a bigger scale due to the landscape, which in effect make the ugly old european ways with people visible. The slavery back then and also racism for instance go all the way back to the ancient greeks, wherefore I simply despise institutions of the west still keeping up that ancient academic state-tradition, that sense of rationality. A sense of rationality which specifically don’t know how to deal with matters of our roots by blood of us aswell as the repercussions we might suffer due them, yes due to not being dealt with in proper, that is faithful ways of living so to speak. Or to put it otherwise, we have to let new ways evolve, we cannot keep up old battles of history and their anxious symbolism of power within our flesh. And I say, we are to some degree badly doing that by the ways of old institutions. In other words:

Why was I supposed to grow up in conflicts of love and justice, church and state – when the withborn love I got, ready to do some good wasn’t even sensed or understood under such terms of conflict. No, it was straight foreward dealing with life as it grew the most natural way. Why wasn’t that confirmed much more instead of being corrected according to old scholastic ways with teaching and in reference to law aswell? - Hey, mister teacher, leave us kids alone! Don’t teach us your own shit in fear of the authorities that governs your ass in order for us to be governed by it aswell – don’t you see, its a bad spiral, an evil ring of the dark lords not letting new withborn potentials turn into more sustainable joyful ways of living. Make us strong in faith by natural body of us instead – I mean don’t you know the truth being a teacher in the circumstance of being part of a system, where it is punishable not to tell the truth. Or am I to fear and despise the court of law at the green tables of examination? - Let me exam you now then and all the way around, looking right through your heart!

Due to such lines of experiences we maybe also nourish the core of not seeing in terms of the “outside world”, but much more in terms of the fragile one of personal faith in common life on earth. Seeing by heart of life so to speak. Afterall its more important to have personal faith in common life of man on earth, inspite of the differences of inheritance, history, climate and so on – than it is to have or gain personal freedom of no faith. Last mentioned for instance too easily turns out to be a view of nowhere and nobody. And no man is nobody, when he is honest about not only his life, but life on earth in general.

Due to some of these feelings of sense many europeans have been shaking their heads and still do, when they hear all the superlatives the american way such as: the whole wide world, the biggest, the greatest, the highest, the longest, the best and so on. And much of that is now also common tone in Europe and ways of selling out of approximately everything one otherwise could wish for to stay – or should I say pray for to stay put. It often sounds like and sometimes unfortunately even is a world where big is not big enough, in fact a world where nothing is enough simply because its detacthed from life in some fatal sense of it. It leads european people aswell as the american people I guess towards depression, because I’m sure we all know by heart, that nothing specifically connected to capitalistic culture is the biggest, greatest, longest and so on. I therefore call it the main-crime of life in old Europe and not one of America, though I still believe that all of us should pay attention to the way with the word. Especially when it’s connected to the heart of life - and not to the world of capitalism selling whatsoever out. And in case you should doubt it, that can be distinguished. The honestly true faith of the Word, the flesh of Gods man always gives us more than it takes. - The main-crime is first and foremost not to have honest faith in the truth we sense by heart. And they change in the same way as mankind progress. Your honest truths at heart in living becomes truths I also have to deal with. And therefore its a main-crime not to have faith and strenghten it by ways of living, yes in order to load our differences with hope of something new and good to come out of it, arise thereby. It's not a matter of repitition, society of life has no recipe but the one of being aware of it, admitting and recognizing the good of being born afterall.

Capitalism and the effect it has had on ways with the word – world, worth! - is a bad cultural inheritance of megalomania going all the way back to the cradle of old Europe. The salesmens use of information and language on the market-place made him the stereotype, main-figure of the west, whereas the working man, the farmer, the craftsman and the like all got under the silence of faith by body. One could add, that no side of the two thereby got to know the word by sound of spirit and body in heart of one mankind, one God. To find new ways of living for instance. - Some might aswell call it a crime back from the time of paganism I guess. But maybe they will even do so without realizing the pagan institutions they still live by. Oh yes, because they are certainly not the specific One made by God, that’s for sure.

The western world suffers from the platonic idealism, which is mediated by law-culture, the one of republic states and the academics, the one of science. AND within the mixture of capitalism, working man, technology and technocrazy. - I believe Plato founded the hard old Godfather-culture of Sicily, which from thereon spread by influence to become the way of roman culture. I mean it just as an expression of the time, that gave birth to some of the institutions within Europe. So I proceed. That way idealism spread untill the Church of Donald duck was planted in Rome. Donald Duck dissolved the roman empire from the inside by being so collericly stupid and so funny, that noone could help it – which is not that far away from common faith of love in life.

The myth of the trojan horse by the way also went to sleep from thereon - apart from the heavy world of boys “playing” big strategists of war and the megalonic political statemens, presidents deriving from the greek-roman state-tradition of Kaiser Nero I guess aswell. - A change have fortunately happened in western policy in such matters of business one could say, I believe they are realizing some of the mistakes of the past, which they continue!!! Or mayby one could only say so among the private Baileys and then call it a faithful change of mentality of life towards common ends.

I’m talking about the understanding of the world not first and foremost being the world, but life of man trying to handle a peaceful way of growing, trade and enlightening living in general – inspite of all the trouble and wrongness we are messed up by. To me a least it makes a big difference to speak of living life as a whole, rather than of the stupid whole wide world of noice and too nosy people of no faith of life in common as personal beings. The world might be the biggest big one we have ever seen and still haven’t seen through – but what’s that to life, which easily can be seen through by heart of all its everlasting values in growth. Isn’t that great and fine! Is the common sight of God not great and fine!

I forgot to say something, when I mentioned, that Donald Duck gave us the roman church of mother Mary and Jesus Christ – sorry I mean the disciple, Peter did that, the colleric common man. He was a fisherman, yes it was a common fisher-man, who was given the key to the gate of heaven on earth by the hands of the manchild, Jesus. Jesus, a son of God, just as I guess Muhammed is to be recognized in somewhat the same sense. Please don’t kill me for saying so or spelling something wrong though. You see we are all children of God, Life. And by the way a dead jesus is not of more worth to living society as for instance a living I, Jens is. The same goes for you. - But the outspoken true faith in Life did as mentioned, gave the key to colleric common man in order to pass the message on to future living, to broaden the road for more people, to let them come through by truth of sensing what its all about. Faith, trust and love.

So I forgot to say, that the news of the truth, the true spirit, gods wish about our wellbeing and living mankindly by heart of it among one another, nomatter where they are from, yes that spirit simply spread from Peters hand with the roman church and then furthermore through the greedy culture of the roman empire. Do you understand: That’s only Gods trojan horse within the spirit of man, which can do that. And its blessed to know of, because the sight of it is only good – there is no war in it, but there is a growth of faith given rise to soothing spirits for all of us to prosper from. You see it was even able to pull the legs of the romans aswell as latter on the germans and many other examples of war or misuse of rational power by building up systems of wellfare and warfare.

I repeat, what I mean to say: that’s the way the greedy, misconducted greek-roman, idealistic state-culture, at first the roman reich dissolved in my view – and will do again, making for instance EU an institution of close-cultural exchange instead of one of policy by power of fear drowning in academic papers and control-systems. EU is telling farmes wether they can have calves or not on their field... in order not to misuse the soil of God I guess!!! What about being ok, fine and glad just to have a place to live a life, somewhere to stay, food and such quite common matters? - Oh yes, EU is in many ways a megalonimaniac idea of developement by coordination and administration. But nevertheless it has shown the deep truths about the academic-political way of breeding understanding by reasoning outside the heart of flesh and blood of mankindly life by personal body of it. Countries should still not compete with one another – and in fact they don’t, it’s only some people who might do it by their personal way of striving at something. Anyway I mean: countries should be who their commonly good people are and evolve slowly from there and on with life aswell bettering things out that way.

But then they will also have to deal with capitalistic law-culture on their own terms and with its elements of competition as a whole, evolve new durable ways of living not making use of such like mechanisms of the market. There is a huge difference in just knowing of the mechanisms and then making use of them exploiting or regulating others thereby. And that is to be recognized in order for us to find new ways, perhaps even ignore sure mechanisms aswell as the people that generate them. Simply just to move on with our lives. Mechanisms within the market are in other words to be recognized on different terms than capitalistic economybooks prescribes aswell as people of such minds. Yes, ‘cause there is a reason to it, that is why faith by heart of life never really has been nourished and confirmed in terms of capitalistic law-culture and the spirit it rise within the flesh of us. And it is one of political-academic language, more or less theoretical systems regulating mans behavoir thereby disturbing his faith in letting new ways arise naturally, commonly. Man can so to speak not recognize honest ways, honest arguments to natural ends and so forth, when they are symbolized within traditional ways of power or endless thinking of political-academic arguments. It’s obvious seen in the light of the bloody and brutal european history, which we in fact bear by flesh and blood – though of course not are meant to confirm so it will harden or heat up. No we got to deal with the repercussions in order to get off the old interpretations of history aswell as institutions. Yes we are to cleanse our lives, deal with the repercussions of our history by letting mild and sustainable organic ways conquer us in all matters. We have got to harvest and share the goods from our barns.

At least I’d say so about EU instead of its projecting old roman treaties up on a bigger scale world wide just to repeat all european history within few years. In Denmark the people against it called EU for USA, thereby meaning united states. And they were right in seeing some of the bad ends to that line of thought, the purely rationalistic way of unification by high-top goverence of power, which is so well-known in all history: the romans did it once, the greek did it once, the persians did it once and so on. In fact all old colonies have been an object to such matters of foreign power. And the thing is, that though we might all be in it together as an important difference to how it was in the past, we still have to deal with our nearby country-conflicts on our own terms. So in other words it cannot be done in that sense here in Europe. You cannot rule out history within peoples blood without turning the world upside down, their guts so to speak. I mean all the work a people of a country have done just to get along with the differences inbetween us, finding out how to prosper from it, letting democrazies try its best and so on, bettering out the understanding of learning from one another as people and so forth – all such matters become involved, when the law-building of a society is ruled out by the confusion of copying and pasting all different kinds of cultural matters together by way of law. Are we to speak danish, yes, ‘cause the device of automatic translation has been made and work out fine? Ok: ku do så æ lie hent en kop kaf te mæ, Beetle Bailey says!!!

In other words the correct pronounciation of a country-language can only be learned by the written and read, which in effect involves the whole rationalistic school-system already being much too naive in its way with educating children to take over the task of living not only peacefully together in formal ways, but charitably strong by heart aswell. It has been said for years. The sufferings from what we have learned in school are much greater than the benefits. But so it is with scholasticism and small-foot justitsial judges all the way down the system, correcting papers to see if the child or the people progress naturally in accordance with the bunch of all!!! Yes all, all and all the good, unfortunately in platonic sense of it!!! – Its simply old scholastic thinking, that wants to level out and standardize all the naturally special personalities that brings the news aswell as our countries in the same sense. And people get sick from it, if not specifically dealing with it or having at stronger faith otherwise. Yes its a fucking old scholastic idea, that explicitly shows how dangerous the old greek-roman political-academic tradition is. What kind of living is that, here, now in our time? - When you lift rationality, the tradition of reasoning by systematical argument, which is ancient greek-roman and then put some power to it by way of law and contract-theory – you lift up time before year cero in the flesh of the european population. I repeat, when you lift that rationality up on the level above countries to be some kind of leading spirit in Europe you kill faith in life in its natural, nearby surroundings already dealing with the benefits of diversity by sense of trust in man. And thanks to the good work done within the country, which indeed also in many ways already is very greatful to our neighbourgs, yes thanks to common man crossing borders, doing some work with others and cultural exchange things aswell. He met a danish girl... and our queen met a french man...

So are you ready to pay the bill academics of the cold universe? I mean in real life, not by living on taxes? Or what else do you have on the wall-paper for all of us to prosper from in the future? The melt down of the whole wide world by global warming due to your tradition of science and techno? Do you want to build one big house for all of us to live in: so all of us technologically can shit, fuck, work and eat in peace as the common end?

Its stupid. It's like a look-away-trick: When all of us look up in the sky no God is there to be seen. In effect it makes the enviroment of leadership all over the world a schoolyard where the big boys are fucking the girls on the toilet, meanwhile the boys inbetween throw stones at the windows to let yet other girls pick up the pieces with their bare hands. – Too big systems, too high, too ambitious organisations leave room for the spirit of satan to evolve, that is the spirit of mirror, pictures and endlessly good ideas. Platonicly good ideas that is. Facts and spirit of art, not facts and spirit of creation, then become the social enviroment of living and on our minds, which mean that noone can love the man next to you up by true heart in firm ways of dignity. Why? Because you can’t love life, nor man in the mirror. And because love by faith generally isn’t recognized as I put it, no that’s too old-fashioned. Or one could say because people too influenced by the capitalistic-universalistic-law-cultures do not intepretate the Word, that is the News life brings to us in the core-admittance of it, indeed by natural sense of man in the name of God. News that don’t sell though give birth by spirit to many a good allround evolvement, they can only very hard find their way through to our common ear at heart. And generally that’s due to our attention being directed the wrong way, partly by the use of word in academic ways - much too written and read, instead of being heard and sensed alive. But all-in-one, I mean generally simply due to the mass-cultural spirits of more or less capitalistic, but indeed self-righteous justitsial rationality.

The hard stuff of life has to be dealt with on the level of personal living and not boosted into the skies of a technocratic, socratic-platonic, political-academic God of states called good in mathematical terms of infinity and loads of paperwork or screenwork forcing people to sit down all their lives, if they are not to be judged criminal on beforehand. Yes, so it is due to the fact, that its impossible to prove anything to brainwashed litterally reading people of mathematical reasoning aswell only acknowledging two forces: The one of plus and the one of minus. The one of paying off and the one of punishment. Its totally out of proportions to put Life under goverence of such a way with rationality, yes loaded with old administrative thinking aswell.

Sense is first and foremost a matter of sensitivity within faith of life, faith of common man living and growing his ways in terms of God, LIFE. And it’s not one of rationalism, which only come in afterwards if necessary at all. Those who believe in punishment to correct or direct anything, someone getting what he/she reeeaally deserve – they can look foreward to Gods message in the heart of their own children, if not even and not to forget the ones of other people. Or simply look forward to more Beetle Baileys within society, who wont participate in such ways with life, such spirits - because they specifically have no duty to do so by heart of life. Now you learn poor people of rational education trying to make an order out of life due to not having common faith in Gods own creation for all of us alive in living by nearby sense of it.

And by the way what I’m here saying about the use of systematical rationality is also the main behavoiristic reason to such issues as manio-depressivity, anorexia-bullimi, skizzofrenia and so forth in the area of welfare-diseases. They simply arise by cultivating hard-core inorganic ways of reasoning into the flesh by way of the idealism that goes with law, logos, universities and political power. Its an inheritance by institutions we have to deal with, so most of what I’m saying is not to blame the living person who got stuck within the old institutions, but nevertheless: who’s to stop such ways with life without violence? - Idealism of logos and as such is not acknowledging and admitting why the logos got recognized as the Word of honest truth, year cero: the honest personal uplifting word by faith in Gods worth by flesh of us. And exactly in order not to administrate one another according to rules or symbolistic ways of power or law said to be in accordance with, yes referring to a logos of the whole wide fucking cosmos, the universe. How are you newtonic traditions, do you believe in the law of how masses fall?

Now moving a little back to the roman-church issue. Latter on, after the roman reich, the message of love in mankind by heart of it spread through our, the europeans brutal and greedy colonisation of many other people on the globe. - Luckily the people back then were not aware of all the shit of repeating troubles Europe, the middle East, northern Africa has been walking over and over again ever since, at least not till then, at the time we met the wonderful black people, the wonderful redskin people, the wonderful yellow-skin just to show them our way with love by ackward killings, demanding slavery and the like!!!!!! - Nevertheless my point at issue is, that something else got through aswell. Not all of the european and western traditions of culture is founded on greed or brutale ways of exploitation or whatever the bad must be called, if not just simply being matters of projection. Because mostly I guess bad ways simply arise out of innocent, natural curiosity or good intentions running out of hand.

But anyway there still is a common helpful faith in man, which is not to be seen as the background or reason to all the bad things that have happened in the past. No, on the contrary the common spirit of faithful man is the one that cleanse us from all such awful matters in order to look ahead and make, no be a good living. You see many of us children have never been involved in all such kinds of ackward living, which the traditional symbolisms of old institutions once gave rise to. Nevertheless: Hopefully they are now in the serious business of cleaning up and dealing with the repercussions. I think so, inspite of the old bluntness that might show from time to time, popping up as a recognition of how things once was.

Maybe one could also put it this way: Man perhaps once was a fighting monkey making hierachies, but only untill we started to realize our own nature and faith not being one of fighting monkeys. We have a unique heart so to speak and by admitting it, we start to live differently. That’s how the process is within mans personal growth with life aswell as an expression of how societies can grow differently in terms of behavoir of living by faith. And that’s also what the Roman church did in terms of all the countries which have some inheritance deriving from Old Europe. Maybe it still does. - Its all a matter of faithful recognition of the most honest and mild truths within man and not a matter of institutions as such, yes inspite of me telling something about how the process of enligthment in europe by help of institutions have been dealing with very bad ways of life and society. And to a very important degree without making a war out of everything thanks to the call at heart of us.

So in other words to speak of the good, the hope we have still got now, seeing it all in a new way: Those meetings between cultures in the past also made all of us understand, admit, realize, see or just feel a little bit more about how good, how mild and how strong the faith in mankind is by the hand of God, the hand of Life itself, when we do so. Admit and sense the way inspite of all the turmoil and turbulences.

And to repeat: A trojan horse like that, adressed within the spirit of the flesh and blood of mankinds most honest sense slowly coming foreward by itself. Yes its even born to our knowledge by heart through oppositions as for instance the bad doings of roman caisars as mentioned - or just in general by the generals of military and their soldiers in aswell the resistance and battles they met/meet on their way. But anyway whatsoever simply so in order for the genuin truth of heart in mankind to spread, open up, reach the mind, come foreward from time to time for us to recognize and thereby make man see and realize the common love, the common faith, the common good spirit in growth he already got by birth, by the creation of one and the same God, Life of the living here on earth. - Yes, my dear grace of life, that’s a trojan horse that cannot be moved away, nor open up again and again in some strategic way as far at it is open all the time, all the way, forever for us to admit, seek and grow by in truely honest faith of it. If we start out to admit our honest heart of life and grow that way, evolve ways of living that confirm such a faith through out all life, then war for instance will never happen. Only good dynamic strifes, which in fact can be hard enough though not lethal or never meant to be so.

I guess not even the Taoists of the chinese will disagree on that, no on the contrary they can learn us something about how the spirit at heart is meant for the whole body of life and not just the voice. And I’m sure, that not even the good and honest-hearted islamic or jewish people will turn the faith in life I try to give sound to down. Because I know they are truely charitable people in the same faith of Life, just having their language and ways with it. Aswell as their cultural conflicts in letting it show, come foreward and make peaceful progress by recognition. - All of us derive from countries, which have been fighting, participating in war, making conflicts going on and on and on, but nevertheless the more important it is for all of us to admit that in order for us to see and nourish Gods trojan horse with no warriors coming out but those of true faith of living on terms with one another as mankind on earth. Yes with soothing spirits coming out to conquer all of us, yes for all of us to prosper from.

The news of truely openhearted love in mankind and the sight of its peaceful evolvement through honest confirmation, reaching the mind and thereby leaving evil and illness way behind, yes the old news of life that conquers all the stupid use of power and degenerating rules, protective behavoir at the costs of others and so on – its still the same news, but now it can be much more on its move by heart of all of us. Love by heart of life within being mankindly alive cannot be meant to hide away. And now we know, that we are together in the same life, here on earth. We didn’t back then. Now we know, that we must confirm it by voice of body in “religion” that doesn’t make rules or bad norms out of life – instead nourish sense of faith and trust it's called. Yes simply doing so by the basic mild, honest spirit at heart within all of its simple creativity aswell as within the commonly known fact of staying alive that way: Do something, be somebody, but love the life God gave you in being and doing so with the cultures you are living by. Now we know, even still learning to resurrect and redeem from all the bad conditions of bad cultural habbits of stupid force blinding people from the wonder of life, that otherwise gives them the patience to endure our evolvement for a lifetime, that is in all eternity.

We know, all of us know the same by body to a very important degree – we know that being and staying alive in good, peaceful and the most honest ways we can is the matter of living together in societies here on earth. We want to be alive and well, therefore we also want to find a way of living, that doesn’t make it harder for other people being in exactly the same matter of living, striving on to find a way with the common things of it. We now know much more about, what once only was believed. Thanks to those who strongly believed in the first place. Those who heard or sensed the blessed in being given a life.

So in order to evolve our faith further from thereon within the body of life, the languages of faith, sense of life, spirit and so on we also have to acknowledge the same, thereby progress in terms of teaching, understanding, yes all the spiritual abilities we know of. And in terms of living within societies, that still is a recognition of the dignity within common man aswell – not to mention common man dealing with all the same shit all you devoted people of leadership, old traditions of authority, different kind of preasts or whatever you call it in fact know quite a bit about. Though maybe not the other way around on equal terms. Maybe you forget your position or don’t realize why the position might be loaded with prejudices deriving from the folkwit, the natural sense of common man generation after generation. Oh, yes, so maybe you know a bit that might be worth mentioning and even share with others in a thousand ways to tare the old buildings down for new ones to arise. I mean who can tell before you let them feel or sense your experiences of the true way honestly, openminded by heart of mankind.


May God of living life be with YOU for all of US to prosper from HIS mercyful ways of truths by faith to be honest about. And may it be so as I sincerely don’t believe, nor think, that we basicly wish God to pull back His faith in us to the advantage of the monkeys or jelly-fish.

You see, that’s not a problem for Him to do so, if that’s the case and we don’t acknowledge the worth of living on good terms with Him – LIFE with one another around His/its natural ends for us. And please do not understand my way of expression as a threat or any other anxiety towards the withborn truths you’ve got on your chest. - All-in-one I guess so as said by faith of the truely honest living my heart felt for paying attention to as far as I could without dying. Especially without dying of the spiritual fight with the state-financiated tradition of self-righteousness at power. Nevertheless thereby, if dying, leaving no recognition of how blessed life also can be, when one is honest in the sense of true love in life at the core of it. The NO to matters of death before time most often goes within life and does so before it progress into trouble to others concern in their living faithfully in Joy. And with good faith in their work for a living aswell so to speak. If you cross the NO in that natural withborn sense, you basicly take somebody with you in death, your dying. And do I have to mention, that to some people unfortunately its a work and way of living? NO, I don’t as you already know. By the way resurrection is a fact, though not in the sense you might think. So have faith in common beliefs.

Common man, Beetle Baily or whatever, Jens the Wayman – or walkman! – but nevertheless most of all simply Jens H Mortensen of Denmark say so in tankfulness of all the enlightened people of common faith in life around the world, whom of which I know by heart have been crossing many borders in order to do their work of life in faith of God from time to time and all the way up from the darkness of history within the flesh and blood of us. Oh yes, inspite of who and whatsoever the reason may be.

Aswell I wish to show my deep gratefulness to the Old Danish Kingdom, the House of Kings. Today in my time of life: Your Majesty, Queen Margrethe and Your Highnesses, her sons and their families. And especially for showing Your concern within the matters of common dignity in Joy of life, the enlightened task of letting the WEkingdom of LIVING within the respective Fatherlands on mankindly terms with one another all around the world arise. Yes, especially for doing so without letting it become a matter at the cost of ones own family and country-population as the core-media of living society: The withborn duty of letting sustainable ways grow in common faith of us where we find our home-living.

Finally I wish to thank all the “politicians” in Denmark for not completely forgetting, what common spirit of love and faith in life they are serving. ENLIGHTENED DEMOCRAZY SERVE THE FAITH OF LIFE IN MANKIND IN ITS CULTURAL SURROUNDINGS OF COMMON MAN WITHIN HIS COUNTRY.
It is not a governmental idealism by power of noble breed or wanna-be-in-power-culture for that matter of fact. Nor is it a matter of foreign policy, which I guess also means that some of you have to depart from that way of using the democrazy. I mean if you want it to be in contact with the living of your own people and the furtheron evolvement of sustainable living within the country. Yes, in order for us to show how life can evolve faithfully put as a peaceful society arising from us aswell as inbetween. We are for instance not to make Obamas change and it can never be our contribution to the world at the core of us. We speak danish and that’s the media of faith and understanding for common man on danish ground. - Do as said or the like I say, instead of breeding ways with life, that just talk all over the world, write directives and point fingers at whatsoever not identified on clear common grounds by faith of life!!! We do love each other charitably, when we have true faith, simply just love to be personally alive and in work with the being of life, God with his kingdom of mankind. Yes, but indeed I also mean what I say in order to let organisations of cross-cultural exchange do, what they do and adjust the natural way by influence of the news they bring to us – influence that might also be turned down sometimes in order not to let the attention within mans nearby living society be stolen too much. I think foreign policy has to evolve and understand itself by way of cultural exchange on more levels, which again mean that the roots of people in Denmark have to be of much stronger enlighted common faith to find new abilities to be admitted and dealt with for others aswell as life of man in general to benefit from. We can not live, breathe, learn and work in the whole wide world and the world will not benefit from what we have to offer under such blinding circumstances. The air of it kills our children aswell. At least we can not do so, if its, our ways are not coming from common mans honest heart of life in progress of faithful ways with living society. The one of common brotherhood by being man, a “member” of equal worth in Gods lively mankind. We live, breathe, learn and work so to speak in faith of life, where we are and not in faith of a fucked up world. And its stupid not to make that clear on higher levels, which I say to stress the point of view of dealing with repercussions in the folkwit aswell as increasing common faith and trust in life that way. I repeat: Democrazy is not first and foremost an institution of leadership by power of law, but one by hearing honest truths, sharing sense of common mans living on earth aswell as finding uplifting ways to mediate it among us. That will make us all deal with the common diversity of beings and doings of necessity in joyful ways aswell, sharing the bread we’ve got to level out in matters of faith. – And then we simply move by natural freedom in balance of love and providence. In other words: WE HAVE ONLY JUST BEGUN TO LET THE ENLIGHTENED HONEST SPIRIT OF THE DANISH PEOPLE COME FOREWARD to cleanse us from the past and thereby make some changes in our way of organic living and breathing within the organism of LIFE. Which in effect of that sense will be in tune with other charitable people around the earth doing the same their way, in their climate and culture. And so it is, so be it I say, because power of old academic law-systems or state-rationalism of administrative procedures have done what they were meant to do and now in general can’t do it, can’t mediate or breed anything new. No on the contrary it blocks due to being an old system of punishment and correction aswell. Not to speak of the idealism we already suffer from, the idealistic, more or less socialistic concepts of society it generates in the longer term perspective of cultivation. Unions for instance, copying state-models to serve their members, yes its a copy of the idealistic, rationalistic state-element within our society going way back. (Capitalism). If you keep the law, you are a good citizen but become insane or simply just blunt by narrowmindness due to fear of breaking the rules AND if you don’t you are a criminal but keep your natural sense of life being openminded in prison – such like dualisms derives from the use of rationality of justice of which state-goverence is a huge one of common concern. People of the justitsial tradition are to be seen as romans as far as they do not recognize the common enlightened truths of common man dealing with his cultural surroundings by faith. Theoretical reminiscences you might call it, but they are not, they are in the flesh and emotional lives of us due to that style of cultivation, so it has to be dealt with for us to come clear as common man of natural faith, doing his best to be a little living giving good just as his is on beforehand. Its history, the history of our institutions is so to speak and to an important degree not written in danish faith of mankind, nor an openminded one in the hearts of common man. To some degree that goes for the church aswell as mentioned above in the text. And one more thing: The political parties are not as essential as you might think, just as politics isn’t, when the wise folkwit of life speak - no its the truely honest spirit of man that come foreward by sharing ones view and mostly on common life-issues of conflict. That’s the essential faith and your task to give sound to in matters of the common living as it progress that way. Time only alters by honest faith of life around common ends in all eternity. There is so to speak no time for whatsoever, when life of man isn’t faithful by heart around common ends in all eternity. In other words the truths of man stands in faith of God by personal life in all eternity and nowhere else. Yes, so now you know why some of the untrue world-business of rationality, bank-business, academic management and state-issues arose aswell as stole the sense of time from life, causing diseases by stress in the whole population by neglecting the ground cero by heart of us alive. And so forth. – Nevertheless don’t forget to harvest and don’t forget to put your truely honest seeds into the soil anew. ENLIGHTENED DEMOCRAZY IS ONLY A NATURAL WAY TO SUM UP WHATSOEVER OF IMPORTANCE TO US WITHIN OUR COMMON COUNTRY-PEOPLE AND TO LET IT COME FOREWARD BY PERSONAL VOICE AT HONEST HEART OF IT. So if the honest faith by heart of man isn’t nourished in the people of the society in ways of living in general, then it will show aswell. And it might not be the fault of the one who speaks or give expression to some issues or other. On the contrary they might just sum up, what other people haven’t got the words for. Nevertheless that way we get to know which cultural enviroments we have to deal with in order to progress in living around the samefounds on earth. The academics for instance or in general - as if that wasn’t in general - the ways of education and the light of life they serve in manchild. Yes, so go for it Donald Ducks, ‘cause you got the key as we all do by being honestly saying yes or no by heart in personal ways to whatsoever as far as it matters to us as man at Gods hand. MENNESKE that is and not man of greek-roman idealism, a citizen - or stateburger filled and fed up with ketchup without even a heartbeef!!!

(((At least in danish, scandinavian aswell as german Menneske do not underline the sex as the term “man” does. And I mention this, because when the spirit of romantic rationalism and stupid issues of equality and justice is too strong in the shrewd air of society, then the two sexes of man are not recognized as us in natural, organic sense of it. The most common drifts aswell. That is especially the energy of the personal heart, your gift of duty - where the honest truths of life are to be admitted in order to grow and evolve ones life as thereby society. Under the terms mentioned it is not recognized as the one to be most honest about, Gods way of life in man within all his circumstances of always also old cultures. So back off Platos cultural inheritance. And back off Luther aswell, that is if you believe in the word as if it was written, not heard and sensed within the living flesh of man by common heart of us, Menneske as the person he/she is. - Do you need some common teaching of love from your forefathers fatherland, I mean what do you say soldiers of rape, soldiers of fundamentalistic religion, soldiers of justice, idealism and politics. Or do you wish to go back to fathers hitting you in order to learn to admit the force of true love and faith stronger than you on beforehand? I mean, what are you mumbling little boys of life with muscels, guns and ways with power, yes also the political-academic-journalistic ones of instrumental symbolism not automatically mediating the honest message at heart thereby. Or don’t you believe that an old wiking-area of different tribes can regress into such matters of business if that’s the battle – if that’s the battle I repeat. Not to say in order to teach women and children to be faithful without having to turn the world upside down by cocky thoughts of power showing off meanwhile leading nowhere? Come on boys of unfaithful hearts and therefore modernistic girls of unhappy hearts, ‘cause have you admitted the necessity of new faithful ways to channel your cock-cont-spirit without pushing it so to speak. That is without ruining the honesty and sense within our open living wonder, the most important “thing” for the succesors in the future to come. How did you otherwise think there were some prosperous circumstances for you to live on, yes allthough you in fact spend most of your life trying to dissolve them? – So you see, if you boys don’t learn how to behave in matters of life to prosper from it in the long run, by heart that is, then I rise the common Fathers of Fatherlands on earth cross-countrial specifically to deal with you. And without the violence or rights you tend to make use of. Yes, I will do so dear modern boys and girls of life. And you don’t want that allthough you have all the power of guns, power of politics, power of systems, power of following orders, power of idealism and the like. Do you understand, I mean do you wonderstand, withstand the wonder of faith and love as it shows in natural peaceful working ways in real man of the living commonhood of life evolving society thereby? Or do you simply not understand that to be the roundabout for all of us to grow on and prosper from. Yes in order to let it evolve faith furtheron by the core-spirit of mild and firm mediation within mankind. The spirit of man is both women and man - but most of all children becoming one of the two in hopefully the best and most honest experiences of how charitable man and woman is in faith of the organic societies, Gods by breeding flesh and blood of us breathing))).


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One way or the other or none of the three in guestion I will nevertheless be very grateful to your heart in life. You might bet, but I don’t!

AND DON’T FORGET TO PAY ATTENTION TO THIS WAY OF SHARING THE OLD TRUTHS OF FAITH OVER THE NEW TECHNOLOGIES OF MASS-MEDIATION. I BELIEVE THE MASS-MEDIAS ARE ONLY A MIRROR OF WHAT SOME OF US, YES MANY OF US HAVE KNOWN FOR MORE THAN 2000 YEARS: THE MEDIA OF LIFE BY SPIRIT AND FAITH OF IT THE NATURAL WAY BY FLESH AND BLOOD RECIEVING AND ADJUSTING WITHOUT TECHNOLOGIES, TECHNOCRAZIES OR MATTERS OF CONTROL TO DOUBLE-CHECK AND DOUBLE-DOUBLE-CHECK WHATEVER COMES IN QUESTION OR MIGHT BE SPELLED OUT WRONGLY. Those of you who already know what I’m saying here knows, yes. But now maybe many other people herewith get the opportunity to realize, that we have had to walk through all the matters of techne, channeling ways of reasoning in order to come to a clear common sense of faith. I do at least hope that those of you within Gods tradition of faith by withborn body understand your task wether you deal with common man or might be much ahead from me in sense of what to come. I do not first and foremost believe in technology or any other instrumental ways of sharing whatsoever, though I do believe that we are to share the bread, our deepest wish for mankind in order for all of us to prosper from it. The freedom of expression is not a political right, but something done when time is to do so by the motive of our heart to prosper from it – just as Dalai Lama did his way, just as Jesus did his way, just as perhaps also Muhammed did his way and so forth. Hopefully Muhammed by the way was a warrior of faith, sense and peace and not one of violence. I believe so as the core-message by heart. Nevertheless, I was going to say: We only do it by faith aswell as by sense of the most honest Fatherhood of common life of man - ‘cause otherwise it cannot be done, just as nothing whatsoever simply cannot be done without faith. Nomatter what the media is.

I send my greetings of faith to you well-spirited born people, who already know too: May faith in the common Joy of life on all levels and in all issues of mankind by body of us cleanse us from all the bad inorganic spirits of logics that pollute our well-being, natural sense and otherwise good-living. Thank you for taking your “time”.
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